Deloitte response


hi everyone,

i was just wondering with deloitte how long they take to reply to you concerning an interview after you have completed their online tests. I found out that i passed the online tests for svs on wednesday (i rang up deloitte). also do they tend to email you or ring you?

many thanks in advance


Hi Sean, I did my verbal test last night as well. Awaiting response. Am checking my inbox every 10 mins. I guess the lady who is dealing with my appl works in teh nights. She always mails me late night. So, am hoping she would respond tonight.

I presumed we can book an interview date online once we pass the online tests. Is that not the case with Deloitte?


hi googly, im not sure if we do book it online because ive passed my test but it just says ‘online tests completed.’ ill play the waiting game i think, but want to get an interview before i go back to uni.




Sorry - no idea. Maybe call up [[human resources (HR)|HR]]?


hi Sean, yeah, i think its time for you to call up HR and find out. Congrats on passing and good luck…Forget about me, I failed Verbal. Am in depression now…:slight_smile:


Unlunky Googly. How was that verbal compared to our [[verbal reasoning]] test? Harder/easier?


Hi Red, I’d say Deloitte test was slightly easier than wiki one. But still, unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Lack of concentration is my problem. For instance, when I read about UFO in a passage, I would go on imagining how an UFO looks like in the sky or any UFO movies I’ve seen. Do I suffer from any disease?


I thought I did well and was very confident. The mail was an absolute bad news for me…:frowning:


…perhaps you have too much imagination to be an accountant? Have you ever thought about designing spaceships for films…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gosh…I don’t know what I want in life? I don’t know what I am good at? I don’t know what my strengths and weaknesses are…I think I am good at everything, but still fail in small things in life…Ironically, I was awarded a gold medal for all-round performance at school - which further puts me as good at everything, best at nothing…:((


you’ll be a decathlon winner as opposed to a 100m winner, often a better acomplishment. dont let it get you down too much.


Hi everyone! I completed the verbal test last night and received an email tonight which says thanks for completing the online tests. (the email did not tell if I passed) Should I treat it as a good news or a bad news?


Thanks Sean…That was motivating…


I just received the same emaikl jann ning, and i have exactly the same question? Googly, did you get the same email that we are talking about?


Yep…thats an acknowledgement that you have completed the test…Wait atleast 24 hours to receive the actual results…I am sure Deloitte makes it clear about the result…The mail would either start with…congratulations…or we regret to inform you…hehe


When I applied to Deloitte earlier this year, I recieved a congrats email about passing the tests within a few days. It said they’d get in contact soon about arranging an interview - it was well over a month till I actually had another response (via email); I did the tests in mid-March, had my first interview mid-May.


Thanks googly and silvermouse83 for the info. I have my fingers crossed now. Best of luck to both RyanLloyd and I~


Hi, I just finished the verbal reasoning test yesterday and received confirmation of receipt this morning but have received nothing else. I find it strange that they give you a response so quickly after the mathematical test and then take so long after the verbal reasoning one. Let us know when you guys get your responses and I’ll let u know when i get mine…Fingers crossed - good luck!


I completed my verbal on Saturday, got an acknowledgment email on Sunday and an invitation for a first interview today (Monday – need to ring someone at Deloitte) .