Deloitte response time


hi all,

I would be grateful if someone who already had first round interview tell me how many days I should wait before they tell me that I pass or fail the interview.

I had mine on Thurs 25/09 (graduate audit) and have not heard from them so far.

Thank you very much for your help


Hmm yeh I would expect by next week…

I completed the application form in July and have done my psycometric tests but still haven’t heard any news from them!

When i track the application it still says “under consideration”


hi jmanvnuk,

i had my 1st round interview on monday 22nd at deloitte for TA&A and i still havent heard from them…

i think they’re just taking their time with making a decision…hope it’s for the best though!


I had my interview for TAA on the 18th- I received an e-mail from them the same day informing me I was through to the next round. I guess it may also depend on the office itself, where did you apply for?


usually in 3 days. call HR. they could be lazy.


i applied to the london office…hmm i’m having my doubts now!..

probably will call hr on monday! thank u!