Deloitte Reorganisation Services


So I went to Deloitte’s Insight day today at their London offices, and was asking about Reorganisation services. To my surprise, despite all the insolvency work coming in, Deloitte plan to take on only 8 people for 2010, where 2 positions have already gone, leaving 6 places… should I bother applying for it or should I go for audit instead? I’m currently at LSE and moving onto my 3rd year, have already secured myself a 2.1 (just need to pass my 3rd year exams) and have been president and vice president of two different societies, plus worked for a consulting firm in Poland where I did work on human capital. Problem is my GCSE’s are weak (2A’s, 8B’s) but they were affected by personal circumstances (I got the A’s in English and Maths). Any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.


Apologies if I didn’t make it clear- only 8 people for their London offices.


Did they give you their general recruitment figures for 2010 London by the way? i.e. figures for London as a whole, Audit, etc.


Corporate Finance ~4, Tax ~10, Audit ~100, Transaction Services ~2.