Deloitte rejection?


Had my final round interview today. Finished at 330pm. Until now, I have not received a call from them. According to many trainees I talked to, they all said that if you got it, they would call you very soon. Most got a call by the time they got home offering a job. This means that I am rejected for Deloitte audit ? Anyone got offer after 1 or 2 days ? Sorry for asking since I am so worried now


the worst bit is waiting, but don’t worry, i’m sure you’ll hear soon. i don’t know about deloitte, but i know at kpmg they can take upto a day to give you good news. and i do think that deloitte are a bit understaffed at the mo, so don’t worry about it!!!


I’m sure I’ve read on here that people had to wait a few days before they received an offer


i was wondering the same thing actually. do you know whether people got replies on the same day if they have applied for summer vacation schemes?


I got my offer from deloitte the day after the assessment centre.

I also applied the the internship programme last year - the final outcome was around 3 weeks after the assessment centre.