Deloitte Reimbursement problem? (and lack of service)


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ask if anyon else has had any problems with reimbusrment of travle expenses in regrads to Deloitte. Iv been trying to get reimbursed for almost 6 months now! (had AC in July) and everytime i call the office that supposedly deals with reimbursements they keep telling me that they have a huge backlog. Everytime I call I get a response stating they’ll call me back by the end of the day (this went on for 2 months - more fool me)
Anyway last time I called I was adamant that I wanted to know what the status of my reimbursement was, the guy on the other end stated very bluntly, “what do you want me to do?” He then said he would definitely call me back, but he didn’t.

What i did get however was a rude email stating not to call them back as they’ve done all they could to find out why I haven’t been paid. I was told to call the finance department and ‘try and sort it out with them’.

Now I know a few stupid employee’s don’t represent a firm in its entirety but it doesn’t really do any favours for Deloitte in my opinion :frowning:

Anyways what I originally wanted to ask (got a little sidetracked) was if anyone did have the number for their general inquiries or a number for their finance problem. Sorry if I rambled, and thanks in advance for those that reply

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Hey Felics,

Happy new yr to you. I had a similar problem with Aviva and I solved it by ringing up their main office and asking to be connected to their Human Resources director.
I had all that ‘we will call you today, tomorrow,forever’ story and I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a couple of weeks. After the second week, I googled the name of their HR director on LinkedIn and called up the reception of their main office and asked to be connected to the director himself.

As expected, his PA picked the phone. I told her about my experience and said that I would take it to the media if nothing was done soon enough. Infact, I called up the director on Thursday and got my money on Tuesday/Wednesday!

They gave some silly excuse about delays but did not bother to send an email to apologise for the delay until I called, KMT!

Anyway, try calling up to speak with the head of HR for Deloitte! If you can find her name on google, call up and say you want to be connected to her like she’s expecting your call! That way, you will not get the “I will pass on your message to her for a call back” standard response that they like dishing out. Speak as though she is a well-known colleague of yours! Wish I could help you in th real sense but this is all I can do! Good luck and let me know how you get on.


I am not the only one then! I had my AC in June and still havent been reimbursed even though I have called many times as well.

I know its only £70 they owe me but its the principle of the matter! Common, im only a student and they are reporting profits years after year so this is inexcusable!

They told me the money will be in my account in 4 weeks… 3 months later im STILL waiting!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr