Deloitte Qatar (Doha): Telephone Interview 2017




I recently got offered for a telephone interview for the above. The opportunity came about through a coincidental incident and I managed to get into touch with one of their partners. He passed my CV onto HR and they have requested to interview me over the telephone on Sunday 16th April.

There is no exact position that I have applied for but I have shown interest in auditing on my cover letter as that is where I see myself building my career. Therefore I assume any position that they’ll be interviewing me for will be for such.

I do not currently hold a vast amount of experience in auditing – my background is mainly accounts production, VAT returns and bookkeeping. In terms of qualification, I have recently completed my ACCA exams and am just waiting for my performance objectives to be signed off. I have started auditing recently (March 2017) but seeing as I have only done 3 audits, I do not consider this to be of very high value.

Does anyone have any advice they can give me in preparation of this or has anyone had a telephone interview with Deloitte as of recent that can help?