Deloitte/PwC Actuarial grad recruitment experience - ask me questions!


I have recently concluded graduate recruitment processes for PwC (Actuarial Services) and Deloitte (Actuarial Insurance - although I believe they are merging departments).

I got to the final interview for PwC, which I failed, and the final interview for Deloitte, which I received an offer from.

I’ve found this forum very useful so I’d love to help other applicants out, especially as there’s a lack of information about the actuarial recruitment process for big 4 on here (although it’s very similar to processes for their other service lines). So you have any questions about either process, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Hi. Firstly congratulations on the offer! Which locations did you apply for? I have a final interview coming up for PwC so I was wondering if they told you the reasons for you failing that stage. Thanks!


Hi, thank you! I only applied for London roles.

Apparently I failed because I wasn’t good enough at explaining my competency answers clearly to the interviewer, and helping them understand the situations (this skill being necessary to explain the results of your findings to a non-technical audience which is typical fare for actuaries) - as they compared all the candidates’ applications this was something which made mine weaker than theirs.

Best of luck for your interview!


Okay that’s interesting and thank you for the tip so I’m aware of that now. Were you asked predominantly competency questions then or were you also tested on your commercial awareness? Do you remember what competency questions you were asked? Thanks!


I was asked 1 question on each of the 5 pwc professional competencies (and 2 for relationships), and for each one I actually got a choice of 2 questions:

  • name a time you represented something you were passionate about
  • name a time you managed a difficult project
  • how does actuarial services add value to clients OR name a time you improved a process
  • name a time you had to adapt your way of working
  • name a time you did a piece of work that met a high standard
  • name a time you built a relationship with someone outside your usual circle.

Can’t remember most of the alternate questions he gave.


Congratulations on the offer! I am applying to PwC (London, HR consulting) and Deloitte (Belfast, insurance) for the actuarial summer internships right now. I just had my telephone interview with PwC yesterday and my first interview with Deloitte is said to be in Belfast in a few weeks. What was your Deloitte first interview like? Did you apply for actuarial roles in insurance companies? (Zurich in particular?) Cheers!


To be associated with a progressive organization which can provide me with a dynamic work sphere to extract my inherent skills as a professional, use and develop my aptitude to further the organization’s objectives and also attain my career targets in progress.


To be associated with a progressive organization which can provide me with a dynamic work sphere to extract my inherent skills as a professional, use and develop my aptitude to further the organization’s objectives and also attain my career targets in progress.


This is really so helpful thank you for providing this information. This is the sort of thing I’ve been looking for as I didn’t know where how they would ask the competencies. It seems quite similar to the telephone interview as well. One thing I don’t get is what do you mean that he gave you a choice of two questions? Did he explicitly say you can answer either of the two? It seems a bit of a strange interview format. Would you be able to elaborate on this please? Thanks already so much :slight_smile:


My first interview followed the structure described online - typical questions at the start about career motivation, why Deloitte, what clients they have etc. followed by the long project.

The interviewer was briefed that this was meant to have been something in the last 12 months (though it says any time on their site) so probably best to prepare a recent example, though mine was from school and it was fine. He asked me to describe it, then asked some competency questions around it (e.g. what you were most proud of, which followed on to relationships I developed over the project). The project was only followed loosely, so there were questions about some competencies where he let me speak about unrelated examples in my past.

Interviewer was from actuarial, very friendly and made me feel at ease. I feel like he had some freedom to ask questions around my answers and followed a very loose script - he was just looking for evidence of the competencies. Best of luck for your applications!


No worries! Yeah it was a strange interview format. He described each competency, and then said “you can either tell me about a time Question 1 or you can tell me about a time Question 2” (except for relationships where he wanted answers to both questions). No guarantee your interview will be like this of course, I was taken by surprise


Thanks a lot for sharing! I wonder if you were asked to do a case study on the spot during the first round interview? If so, what was the case like? Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


I wasn’t asked to do a case study. You don’t if you apply to Actuarial Consulting in London


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