Deloitte Presentation - Final Interview


Hi All, I have a final interview coming up for Technology Consulting but I’m really struggling with my presentation. I’m not asking for anyone to do all the work for me but I would really appreciate some advice on this title: " Middle-East uprisings – Present on the implications, impact and opportunities for Deloitte and Deloitte clients."



Don’t worry I am sure you will be fine with your presentation, just be confident and well prepared.

The link below should help you gather some info:




I help people in doing good presentations, and I am currently working at Deloitte so I have passed through the presentation stage as well. I have also won the Champion of the KPMG Consulting Competition, so I know the requirements of the Big 4 people.

If you need any help in the future, please let me know or visit my website at I’ll be happy to give you a free 40mins presentation training session as an introductory (Offer valid until 31/7/2012)



"The content of speech (the actual words used by the speaker) accounts for only about 7% of meaning. The way it’s said (pitch and tone of the speaker’s voice for example) accounts for about 38% of meaning, and the body language of the speaker accounts for the remaining 55%. "- I could help you achieve all


My E-Tray is on next week and I am worried about it, because I am not a native speaker and my english is not good. Do you have any further advises for the written part, such as format and important points?


This is the most recent Deloitte thread that seems to be relating to 2012 intake.

I have my final Partner interview today via telephone. Has this happened to anyone else and what can I expect from commercial awareness questions as opposed to a presentation…?