Deloitte Pre-Employment Checks...



I’ve been fortunate enough to recieve an offer from Deloitte for a 2010 graduate place. However I am worried about the pre-employment checks.

Basically when I first came to University I disliked the subject I initially came to study for various reasons. After passing my first semester exams I began to make plans to change course as I was very unhappy with it and promptly failed the second semester exams and the first year overall. I was offered the opportunity by my university to carry on studying this subject, by retaking the modules I failed in the following academic year, but chose to follow through with my decision to change course. I completed the new degree after three years with a 2:1.

When applying to Deloitte I stated on my application form that I studied the first course for a year and listed the grade as “Incomplete, changed course.” I did not list the course as a fail because I did not think I had failed the course overall (I was given the opportunity to carry on studying the course with retakes and had not been kicked off the course). After all if I had averaged a 2:1 over that year I would not have put my grade as a 2:1 so felt that it would be incorrect of me to put a fail down as my result, when I had voluntarily chosen to change course despite having the option to carry on with my original course, and that to state my grade as “incomplete” was more accurate.

In my interviews I was asked about that year and stated that I changed course because I was unhappy with it but I was not asked about my results for that year and so did not volunteer them.

Anyway I am now worried that when the employment checks go through they will ask the university for a full transcript of results which will come up with my result from that first year as “fail.” This might then be mis-interpreted as me having failed the course and then lied on my application form by not putting fail as my course result.

Should I be worried about this? Would it be worth mentioning this to my HR contact?

Thanks in advance for any help guys!


Best to stay quiet until they raise it up.


I agree with messy17. Let them raise it up (if it is a problem)…


Do they do background checks for the Summer Vacation Scheme, and what do they ask for?


Hi guys,

I was wondering what all details one needs to give for pre-employment verification checks. Can anyone pls give details.