Deloitte - post offer?



I received an offer from Deloitte (Audit) a few days ago and was wondering what happened post offer.

How long does it take for the contract to be sent? What things (salary, starting dates, etc) are contained in the contract? And when does the background check occur?

Lastly, I noticed an ‘Offer Day’ box on the expenses form. Is that a casual invite/tour of the office you’ll be working at?


Hey, congrats on the offer, where will you be based?

The contract typically takes a week or so to arrive, though some people receive them the next day and one guy I know took a couple of months due to an admin mix up. It’s got a salary (though that’s subject to change), details on benefits, a background check consent form and a welcome letter. You don’t get your start date until much closer to the time, and the check itself takes place (apparently) three months before said start date.

The Offer Day is basically Deloitte selling themselves to you; it takes maybe five hours and is a series of presentations about various different bits and pieces (CSR, career development etc) followed by lunch with a recently-joined person from your department and a tour of the office/facilities.


Wow, sounds great. Thanks for all the info!

I’ll be working in London (Audit). Are you starting with Deloitte this autumn too?


I am indeed, though in tax. When will your offer day be, do you know yet?



well done on the offer, i’ll be joining tax to this autumn London Office, EUMS what department are you joining, I will be joining Global employer services.


No word on the offer day yet. Sounds good though from what you’ve said. Does lunch = Pizza Express again?


Lunch = the Deloitte canteen (which is far far better than it sounds) and a no limits chat with your assigned lunch mate. It’s just a way of working the canteen into your tour whilst at the same time providing you with an opportunity to spill food down yourself before you meet all the important people in your office :wink:

Hi Kaz, I’m joining the Japanese Business Tax Group, which is within International Corporate Tax… are you going to be at New Street Square as well?


Yes i will be based in the New Street Sq offices. I am a little confused as to whether you have to send the experian checking consent form that is provided with the offer contract off? Or do i have to wait until i have actually filled out the online form in a few months time?

your help on this is appreciated cheers


I faxed mine off the next day, but I’ve received no word so don’t know if it was the right thing to do, sorry I can’t be more help.

Logically though, I’d send it, if you’re wrong you can just send it again, whereas if they need it now and you don’t send it, it could be a bigger problem.


Anyone have their start date yet? I begin on Sept 17th. As it’s a Friday, are they planning to pour alcohol down our throats?


I got my start date today, I begin on the 20th of Sept. Shame its the start of the week perhaps its no alcohol for those in tax!


Hi Kaz262 and EUMS,

I am joining Corporate Tax (FS) and also start on the 20th!




I just received my deloitte consulting offer via a partner phone call this friday and so was wondering about what’s the procedure after this? What sort of documents and checks do they do? I mean I already showed them all my documents (Passport/GCSE/A levels/University degree certificates) during my AC so what else do they do?
What about employment experience? Consulting needs minimum 1 month work experience beforehand and I did my internship way back in 2004 in India. I already have an official certificate for this.

Can anyone please tell me? Cheers



I have an AC very soon and need some help if you can…any help would be greatly appreciated. i was just wondering what the challenges that Deloitte face in terms of corporate tax?

I am really struggling with the challenges to tax and any input would be great.

Many thanks again


Well, I don’t want to give you answers as they’ll sound like they’re not yours and might not be right anyway!

However, I would start by looking at the budget and the measures contained within it; anything affecting big business will in turn affect corporate tax and so you could talk about restructuring of overseas operations etc.

In terms of challenges to the business of Deloitte itself, perhaps talk about how the recession has damaged the business of all Prof. Services providers; firms don’t think that they have the disposable income to invest in tax consulting, so the challenge to Deloitte is to convince those firms that they will save more than they spend.

Obviously you’ll need to go into more detail, but hopefully that’s given you a good jumping-off point?


hey guys,

anyone know what are the background checks deloitte do? i expect that they do GCSE and A-Level checks, but how many employment checks do they do? ALL of them? or just one employment reference and one academic reference ?

any help is appreciated.