Deloitte Post offer referencing



I have recieved an offer to join Deloitte in Sept 2011. If anyone has already been through the process, could you please advise me on what references will deloitte later require. Will it just be a personal and work reference? or will it also require a tutor reference? or any combination of the three.

Any responses much appreciated.


i have the same problem jigs1!! is there anyone that can help?


I’d quite like to know this too, anyone?


Hi. Interviewed for technology consultant position. I am waiting to get my conditional offer. Since they still need to do a background check and then process my working visa. Any advise on what to expect? Is there a bond?



I too am in for TI consulting and they need to process the visa for me as well.Could you let me know what happens after the telephone call ,the HR email that I will get an offer shortly and the email for immigration registration?