Deloitte - Post Offer procedure ?


Hey all

First of all, major thank you to everyone here. With everyones help I managed to be successful at all the stages.

I got a call back from the partner yesterday saying that they will be offering me a position.

Has anyone here gone through the post offer procedure with Deloitte. If so, I would be particularly grateful if you could answer queries about :

  1. timeline in receiving the offer ?
  2. when they require references and CRB by ?
  3. is there a similar area like kpmg’s offer zone on their intranet ?
  4. when the offer day is ?

thank you


Hi I just got an offer from Deloitte, I was wondering whether you managed to find the answers to your questions?



Hey Helasuba,

sorry you didn’t get an answer sooner, I suspect by now you’ve probably found all the answers you were looking for in other places! If not, let me know what you still need to find out and I’ll try and help.



I was just wondering if you could shed some light on your partner interview and what sorts of qs they asked in terms of competency and commercial awareness please? i’ve got my ac soon and am really worried about the interview? just to clarify is it always a partner that interviews you?

also how could i best prepare for the written exercise or is all the information contained within the text? and were you given a booklet of many pages or just a few?

thanks very much for all your help mate…i really appreciate it!


Ok, lots of questions!

Firstly, to my knowledge it’s always a partner that interviews you; certainly that has been the case for everybody I’ve spoken to at the post-offer events.

The written exercise is really quite simple. On the Deloitte website there is a section which gives you a basic outline of the company you’ll be using, and when you start the e-tray section you’ll be given more information which you’ll have to read and then refer back to. That’s all the information you’ll be given and it’s all you need, though of course some understanding of the wider commercial environment won’t do you any harm. You can’t revise for or prepare the ‘presentation’ (which in my case was just a short conversation anyway), it’s just a short explanation of your reasoning.

As for the interview itself… you should look at their core competencies listed on the website, have at least two stories prepped for each, and think about how those stories would be beneficial in business environment. Your interviewer may go off topic following one of your answers so it’s best to have thought around the story, rather than simply learning it by rote. Commercial awareness tends to be tested by ‘tell me about an issue you think is affecting [your service line/team/group] at the moment’. Pick a couple of things from the week preceding your a/c, and then research around them and try to link it back to both the business and your own experience.

Hope that helps, let me know if there’s anything else.


thanks mate…really appreciate you taking the time to reply in such depth as well! it has helped if anything else crops up then i’ll give you a shout.


oh sorry EUMS…one more thing. the takeover for Trafford Lea…is their plan to takeover the company (1 of 3) and essentially convert them to trafford lea stores or is it to keep the company as is and sell the products it has in these outlets. i’m not quite sure of the context of the takeover…would you be able to clarify this for me please?

thanks in advance,


To be honest, you’re not told and it’s something you have to decide for yourself. It’s not a case of ‘pick one of three options’, you have to be much more detailed and determine the best strategy for the company in the context of the choice you’ve made. It’s not practical to try and break it down any further for you as you’ll have your own opinions on how best to proceed having done the first part of the exercise.


Hi EUMS, it seems u know quite about Deloitte, and as such i was wondering if you know how flexible they are when it comes to start dates. This is as i finish my degree in Sept, and i told the recruitment lady this on the phone, however, she insisted 16th August is the start date. Also on my interview i told the senior manager that i finish my degree in Sept, and she didnt mention anything then. I have an AC coming up this week, maybe i could bring it up then? Any input would be of great help.



The start dates are pretty inflexible as far as I’m aware; they seem to be given out arbitrarily and you’re expected to stick to them. Is it an MSc or an MBA or something along those lines? If so, surely it’s only a dissertation to be handed in in September?

Whatever, I wouldn’t let the start date of the job bother you until you’ve actually got said job. Certainly to bring it up with a partner who is assessing your ability to fit in is tantamount to suicide; they’re not looking to hand out favours and I doubt you’ll help your cause. I wasn’t given a start date until well after I got my offer so it could just be they’re quoting you the earliest one to avoid any potential clashes, though that’s just speculation on my part.


Hi there EUMS,
I enjoyed reading all your comments and found them really helpful. I’ve already posted this question elsewhere on the forum but no responses so wondered if you could briefly help me out.

I’m a Chartered Engineer with 6 years experience, 4 of them at the engineering consultancy Atkins, most experience in the power sector. Lots of technical, analytical, commercial, project and client experience and wondering about making the move into management consultancy by applying for a job with Deloitte, specifically Strategy or Technology Integration. So my questions are:

  1. I still really enjoy the technical work, figuring things out, can I continue to use these kinds of skills (I read and hear lots about analysts, etc.)

  2. All my jobs so far have been that you have a contracted number of hours per week (e.g. 40 hours) and that’s generally what you work. How different is the work culture, will I have to work lots of extra hours?

  3. Travel - how much on-client-site working is needed. In the past sometimes I have found it difficult to get a good work-life balance working away from home, so I wanted to find out a company’s expectations for this.

  4. Do I have enough business experience to join a management consultancy? I have the experience of running projects, managing people, deadlines, issues, implementing solutions, project budgeting and forecasts, building client relationships, that kind of thing. But I am concerned that although my degree gave me some business awareness and knowledge (e.g. basic accounting, strategy, financial investment, and marketing) I may not have the experience of using the specific business tools that, if I were to get a position, my peers would be proficient in.

  5. What sort of salary range might be reasonable to expect?

Sorry i know ive asked alot although any help, advice or useful web links much appreciated.

Thank you very much


Hi eaytew,

I’m sorry to disappoint, but those questions are all a little beyond me. I know so much about the interview process because I’ve been through it and I know a fair number of other people who have as well… I don’t know what I’m talking about with regard to experienced hires so it’s not fair to offer (probably incorrect) half-baked opinions.

That said, it does seem like you have loads of experience, given that they hire from the graduate pool for management consulting. Grad consultants are on 31,500 for 2010/11 I think, and I know they have to spend a lot of time with and traveling to clients.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. maybe it’s worth contacting one of the graduate recruitment addresses on the website? That’s the only (not very good) idea I have, apologies.


Thanks very much for your response and thoughts. I can understand what you mean and what you said was still very helpful. Thank you


hi guys.

im just having my first round interview next week, was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback/advice in terms of the questions they ask etc?

would really appreciate it, i applied for audit


Hi eaytew

i have completed an internship with ernst and young in Advisory and am a trainee accountant with Top 10 firm and i have good experience of talking to a lot of the experienced hires in EY. One of the senior managers within business advisory services was herself a chartered engineer and used to work on building sites as project lead for 15 years. Her firm was then bought by EY and she took role there…

a lot of the managers and Senior managers at Deloitte, EY etc are not accountants but have very different experience, like that mentioned in industry…but what is true is that you make your experience relevant…whcih by the sounds of it yours is very good…here is my answer to your questions:

  1. all of the skills you have developed as an engineer will be used to the max with Deloitte especially in strategy consulting…make your skills relevant

  2. i am gonna be honest with Deloitte etc especially in strategy you will work long hours some weeks but others wil be about the contracted… especially due to commute to clienst etc

  3. strategy is quite a lot of travel but you could manage this depending on the location of the office and their core clients etc…if its london you will have 80% of your clients in London

  4. do not worry that you may lack the business knowledge what deloitte love is technical ability and you have that…you can learn the mumbo jumbo business knowledge in the role…at deloitte especially there are technical leaders and there are soft skill leaders

  5. salary depends on location and then grade you enter… i think you may be able to enter at manager level most likely executive level which is one below manager…salary for an executive in bham is about 35,000-45,000 but this depends a lot


I just received my deloitte consulting offer via a partner phone call this friday and so was wondering about what’s the procedure after this? What sort of documents and checks do they do?
I mean I already showed them all my documents (Passport/GCSE/A levels/University degree certificates) during my AC so what else do they do? What about employment experience? Consulting needs minimum 1 month work experience beforehand and I did my internship way back in 2004 in India. I already have an official certificate for this.

Can anyone please tell me?


Hiya singhc2,

That’s also great, thank you very much for your advice and insights from your experience, as well as taking the time to answer all my questions. Very helpful and and what you say about making my skills relevant is what I was also thinking and as I believed my skills and experience would be transferrable and your views give me more confidence that this is the case.

Thanks again and all the best


hey guys,

anyone know what are the background checks deloitte do? i expect that they do GCSE and A-Level checks, but how many employment checks do they do? ALL of them? or just one employment reference and one academic reference ?

any help is appreciated.


hi mancman,

on my offer letter, the checks it says they carry out are:

-current address check
-academic qualifications (directly to examination board)
-uk basic disclosure (criminal record checks)
-identity check


Hi guys.

Thank you for the information above. I am expecting an offer as well. This is for a technology consultant position. May I ask if there is an employment bond stated in the offer? Are you required to work for a definite period for them?