Deloitte partner interview presentation


Hi guys!

I have an upcoming partner interview and the topic of my presentation is:

Topic: In order to give its staff more working flexibility, a national media company is introducing iPhones and iPads. The company has several divisions including production of tv shows and a newspaper branch. What are the risks of introducing this moveable form of media?

I would really appreciate if someone could give me an idea what points to add in my presentation.



hi! just see the post!
I gonna have the same topic soon, can you please share your experience for the partner interview? thx!


Hi just see the post!

I gonna have the same topic soon for the partner interview, can you please share your experience? thx!


Hi a.pir

I too have the same topic for the partner interview! How did yours go?


Mine is today guys…will share my experience tonight




hey guys…i am very happy to tell that i have been offered the job :slight_smile:

My partner interview was great…he didnt grill me at any stage…initially he asked me questions about my CV…then i gave presentation and he just asked me 2 simple ques…then standard ques like why deloitte, why this service line and why technology…2 competency ques 1. Challenging goal 2. Leadership and then he asked me if I have any questions…and in the end he asked to tell him 3 qualities about me for which deloitte should hire me in this service line

I hope all this helps…lemme know if any other help is required



Hey…Congratulations!! Well done! you must be over the moon!

I have mine coming up very soon…just out of curiosity which office and team are you joining?

Also in terms of the topic and presentation…how did you approach your research? where did you get your information from?


Would appreciate it a lot!!


I am gonna have it on next Monday! would you mind tell me that how did you structured your topic? thank you very much!


congratulation! a.pir
I am gonna have it on next Monday! would you mind tell me that how did you structured your topic? thank you very much!


I will be joining London office for Audit Advisory.

Well about my presentation…I think this topic is pretty general so I did not do any research…I just discussed it with couple of people and jotted down all the points…My presentation had 5 slides…3 for Risks and 2 for mitigation. Honestly I wasnt very confident about my presentation but I am glad I got through…

If any other help is required, message me anytime.



thank you for your sharing!!
appreciate a lot!!!


Hey soso123, how was your experience?


sorry.,…I thought I replied.

anyway. I finished it and they told me 3 working days to wait, so still waiting for the result…

No commercial questions, but the partner asked a lot about my interns in the past, very detail. asked me what I will be in 5 years if I joint Deloitte. I dont think I got a good answer for that, because I am not sure how different position structured. all I know is 3 year training for professional qualification. so …you might do some research for that.
the presentation went well. I wrote all the words I would say and learnt it by heart. practice in front of mirror, until I can talk fluently.

I recommend you to relate all your experience (the skills you got) to the role you applied. so…prove you are able to tackle the challenge in the future role.
good luck for your interview!


Hi Guys

Does anyone know the possible follow up questions that can be asked by the partner around this topic? Any hints would be much appreciated!