Deloitte Partner Interview Presentation


Hi all, I have my partner interview on Friday for Deloitte - Audit. My presentation topic is independence in an audit context. If anyone has done this presentation, would you be able to help me out please? Thank you :slight_smile:


I have mine this Thursday with the exact same topic. Any advice on what to look at or what questions they asked?


Hey guestharry and christopherrichards92. Can you elaborate further on your experiences here?



I didn’t receive an offer from Deloitte, I had a bad final interview experience.

I sat down and gave my presentation on auditor independence and received around 15-20 minutes of intense questioning around the topic. I had only just completed an assignment in university about the topic so it was fresh in my mind but the level questioning was quite unfair I think.

He then went on to question me about my personal life and motivations. I would have had to move city for the job and he had his doubts about me moving. He said I was at the required level academically and would fit in but he said he was nervous about my living situation.

I’ve luckily been offered a job with PWC, who were a lot friendlier during the recruitment process.

Good luck.