Deloitte Partner interview help!!


HI everyone, I will have a Deloitte Partner interview coming up, although I applied for Chinese office (audit) but I will have my partner interview in London. I am particularly concern about the commercial awareness question and wonder if any one can help me with that! many many thanks!!


thank you very much, littlelegs, may I asked what commercial questions did Deloitte asked you?


Littlelegs, thank you very much! may i ask what is the PE industry? private equity? and what commercial issues did you talk and how did you go about it?? is that ok that when i finish a description on an issue and my opinion, I ask what the partner think of that issue?


Guys I need some help!

So basically I have my deloitte partner final interview in a month, and was hoping you could give me some pointers. My topic is:

Do you think the corporate world will learn its lessons from the financial chaos of the last three years

considering i dont know much about the crisis/euro crisis, how much in detail do you think i should research? could they ask me tech qs like why did the crisis start, etc? Any guidance will be much appreciated.
Im SO nervous. Ive worked so hard to get to this stage, now dont want tricky financial questions to ruin it for me :frowning:


Hi k2shane,

I have the same topic for interview as yours. Could you please help me out and send me your slides or material for your presentation?

My email:



I attended my Partner interview last thursday on 25th April…My interview went well…but I’m still waiting for results :frowning: Any idea when I might hear from Deloitte…im really really tensed :frowning: any idea when i might hear… is it that if you dont get your results early …means that you’re rejected :frowning: