Deloitte - Partner Interview - Commercial Awareness Help


Hi Guys,
I have my AC coming up at Deloitte in about a week. Was a bit concerned about the partner interview. I am preparing the following commercial awareness topics:

  • BP
  • BA
  • Emergency Budget
  • De-monopolization of the Big 4
  • FSA fines to JP Morgan

I was having a little trouble in identifying some points on how these events can have an impact on Deloitte and how Deloitte might be able to help. I would be extremely grateful if someone can provide an insight into this. Specially with BA, as I know the areas where Deloitte can help but what impact is the current crises at BA or BP are going to have on Deloitte.

Also what other areas do you guys think I should focus on?

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi Cyber,

Congrats on getting through to the AC, which service line are you applying for and could you please share your experience on the 1st round interview?

For the commercial awareness, I think you know quite a lot, don’t think the partner is going to challenge you on that, there are lots of posts about partner interview in other thread.

Good luck


Thanks toBeDone,

I am applying for audit. The first round interview was very structured. The interviewer gave the instructions that he would ask me two examples of each competency. So first question was abt a time I gave a presentation, next about a time I worked in a team. He then asked for examples to demonstrate problem solving, goal orientation and organisational skills. Then the usual why audit and why Deloitte. No commercial awareness and adaptability questions. The interviewer was very friendly and made me feel completely at ease.

Btw, which service line have you applied for and what stage are you at?



I have first round of interview coming up , through exprienced hire for the position of senior associate.

Can you give more details about the interview questions?? wud really help me… and where did you do your preperationd from??



Hi zjhussein,

The first round interview for experienced hire might be different from the graduate hire but I am not sure about that. The above mentioned are pretty much all the details. They just tell you which competency they are going to examine and ask for two examples on each. They will ask you follow up questions though .e.g in the presentation example they will ask you how was the feedback or in the planning question they can ask what tools did u use for planning. Check out Deloitte’s key competencies on its website. I don’t think they examine adaptability and commercial awareness at first interview but prepare for it nevertheless because you never know they might ask. Be confident and act natural. Try to build a rapport with the interviewer.


Cyberdahar, congrats on getting to an AC!

I’ve got my first round interview for an audit associate role (graduate) and am just wondering what kind of questions you were asked, and what other things do I need to prep for apart from the competencies. I have around 2 examples for each competency from the Deloitte website but am wondering what else I could do to better my chances. Thanks


zjhussien - am thinking it will be something based on competency. Anyway let us know how it goes and what you are asked.


Hi Cyber - has your interview been yet? If not I think your commercial awareness topics are really good. I had an interview for tax the other day and used the Budget and BP amongst some other stuff.

Whereas it’s quite easy to show how some Budget changes (such as the 50% tax rate for high earners last year) will have an impact of Deloitte’s clients, it’s not always that obvious.

For me it was sufficient to talk about how the budget would effect people in general, and talk through the main changes. If you’re talking about monopolization might also be an idea to discuss, in relation to this, whether firms shouldaim to be generalist or specialist.

Good luck! Hope it goes / has gone well.


Hi Kitten,

Great post. Really helps a lot. No I haven’t had my AC yet…soon though…so when was your interview and have you heard from them yet? Also were you asked any competency based questions? And can u plz share your experience of the e-tray exercise.


hi everyone,

Jus wanted to share, I had my first interview for exprienced hires (audit).

It was an hour long interview with the director and he made me feel really comfortable, he was very friendly.

question were very common and expected ones.

  • Tell me somthing about yourself and what made you to apply for this job?
    -Why do you want to join Deloitte?
  • Why particularly Cardiff office? (I live in London)
  • what do u think will be the biggest challenge when joining Deloitte?
  • Why did u leave your previous office? Will they give a good reference for u?
  • What clients did you do? there size ? (turnover/staff)
  • How would your juniors describe you?
  • How would you former partner/manager/director describe you in terms of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What skills will you bring to the office as a person?
  • Apart from being very technical how would you build relationship with the clients?
  • what are your hobbies? (trying to judge if i will have a good work life balance)
  • some questions relating to my work permit? (since I had mentioned it about my tier1 visa on my cv)

I think i did well, let see how it goes…


Hi Cyber,

Got an offer today!

I was asked competency questions -though these were very similar to the ones in my first interview and I was assured it was fine to repeat myself! I also had to talk about a relevent news story and challenges facing Deloitte. To be honest I think it’s really hard to preempt this stuff. I’d advise to prepare challenges, a couple of recent commercial issues, a news story, and an example of a compnay doing well / badly alongside competency stuff. Just the basics really.

As for the e-tray - it’s impossible to guide people through this - just work quickly - I was told after doing it that failing to answer all the emails (20/21) really diminishes your score for this task.

Good luck!



Many congrats on getting the job. Your guidance really helped a lot. Now lets see how mine goes.



No worries. Sure it’ll go well!


zj - did you hear from Deloitte? Do let us know your fedback



I have got my assessment day for deloitte. It would be great if somebody can share information regarding partner interview and case study. What do they expect in case study and what does it look like? How does the partner interview look like?

Any information would be appreciated.



Hi consultantjob,

Even i have my a.c. for deloitte coming up soon, when is yours? maybe we can share some info regarding preparations?




My Ac is on Oct 8,?..When is yours?

I would love to share any information?



mine’s on oct 7th, are u a fresh grad or an experienced hire? how are you preparing for the interview? what case studies are u going thru?


I am not a fresh grad…I have just started lookin into some case studies online…apart from that not much to be honest…

what about urself??


Hey, I’ve got an assessment day with deloitte coming up on the 8th of November. Is anyone else going to that one? I’ve applied for Consulting/strategy but they’ve put me into Operations after the 1st interview.