Deloitte Partner Interview 2016 (Graduate and Summer Intern Schemes)

The Graduate


I just got my offer on the Graduate Scheme in London after completing the Spring into Deloitte and Summer Vacation Scheme - all for audit. So feel free to ask any questions about the interview or anything else! I have used wikijobs in the past so it is only fair to share back.


Hey limlj! Congrats for your offer. I’m currently waiting to be called for a partner interview in tax consulting. How was the structure of the partner interview? Any tips on it?


Congratulations on the offer! Bet it feels amazing to have it secured. Also, thanks for the insight so far. Have my partner interview in a week and so the pressure is mounting slowly. I have a few questions:

How long did the whole interview take? And what was the topic of your presentation? Also, how did you reuse any competency examples from the first interview? And how did you feel it went overall when you had finished?


Hi JEcon, I was wondering when you found out about your partner interview? I’ve been waiting quite a while from first round interview to confirm a date. also, what scheme are you applying to? Good luck!


Thank you and it sure is a big weight off the shoulders. Well, my interview last about 50 mins but it could possibly go up to an hour or a little more. The topic of my presentation was on audit quality. I don’t think you have to worry about the examples you’re gonna give because the first interview was done by a manager and this is the partner. I don’t think the partner gets information on that. Either way, I did reuse some of it. Also, for both the interviews, they have the guidelines on what they should ask. Deloitte’s not going to be giving the same guideline to both it would defeat the purpose. So in that sense you won’t be getting same questions and thus your answers will be slightly different although in the same event. So I wouldn’t worry. I thought I did ok after since I felt I did not screw up on the presentation and I could answer his questions on the interview. I think the scary part is the presentation nothing much about the rest of the interview. He did not even ask technical questions considering I have done the internship - I was afraid he would ask questions on the audit process.


About 2 or 3 weeks ago. I had to email HR once or twice to see if anything was available. I am applying to FS Audit London. How about you?


Thanks for replying so quickly!

Mine is on the same topic, feels quite broad and the statement seems almost obvious so don’t know if I am missing something or am not providing a considered enough approach. Although 5 minutes really isn’t a long time.

Okay that is good to hear because different events / situations would be rather taxing. It says in the interview prep document this is more about how well we align with Deloitte’s values, how much did you consider this beforehand? Did you prepare specific examples which portrayed the qualities they are after? Or did you just back yourself anyway? Also, was there much opportunity to talk about them and their experiences?


I am applying to Audit in London. When did you have your first round interview? Mine was the end of September. Thanks for your quick response


Mine was around the start / middle of August, so have been at this stage for a while


Let me know your results guys! I’m only joining the firm in 2017 tho but would be good to have known some people before hand. Tiff123, don’t worry about the interview I did the summer internship and they said we were priority and were actually supposed to do it in the last week of our scheme but mine got pushed back until only last week. I had to email a couple of times. You’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Haha no worries at all, I think it is only fair that I reply as quickly as I notice a reply, since you probably need answers quite quickly too. Yea it is! I have a feeling everyone is going to have the same answers but I think it is more of ‘presenting’ and being able to answer questions on the spot. Have a look on their site to see what they pride themselves on and include them where it fits. Yeah, I basically had around 5 to 7 events and I tweak them accordingly. TBH, first I was told it was values based interview then when I confirmed my timeslot they said competency and when I was sitting in the lounge at Deloitte the HR briefed me and told me it was a values based interview. I DID NOT PREPARE FOR VALUES! hahahaha. So I have a feeling they both mean the same things! But also look at what Deloitte’s values are you would want to include it in. So to answer question, I did not consider at all for ‘values’. As for how I prepared, I basically have events that I want to talk about then I just adjust them according to what s/he asks. Lastly, yes you can, you can ask them questions at the end, we talked a little on his background, where, how, when he started and how he got to where he is.


Thanks! I would assume the structure is the same for all service lines. I did mine in audit - it was a 5 minute presentation (you do not have access to powerpoint) followed by a 10 minute Q&A on the presentation and for the rest of the time it would be a competency based interview.

One important thing is to be VERY prepared for the presentation - print the slides for the partner. You want to have a good start for the presentation as it would be the partner’s ‘first impression’ of you. Also if there are any points in your presentation you are not clear about but might seem like the best point to state, don’t put it in because the partners can pick it up easily and would ask you later on. Don’t try to put too much into the presentation, its only 5 minutes and you don’t want to rush it. Another tip is, practice practice practice to time yourself. Another one I find useful is that you tell the interviewer when you are moving slides and you also have to make sure he is on the right page. Don’t just say moving to the next slide, tell him which slide number your’re on. You basically want to prepare well so you don’t give him/her the chance to ask you hard follow-up questions.

As for the rest of the interview, this would vary, I’ve had friends (from the summer scheme) that had chats with the interviewer, one of the interviewers did not even open the question booklets, while the one I had he based off the booklet. So it depends on the partner. The best thing is just prepare for all the usual competency questions. I had what was your biggest achievement, why deloitte, why audit, a time when you had to be laser-focused on something, the boundaries between taking risks and following guidelines and flexibility. But bear in mind, I had feedback forms from the summer scheme (which were quite strong) so he may have asked me less questions so for those that were not on the scheme be prepared for a longer time on the rest of the interview.

Lemme know if I can help anymore!


Oh also, bear in mind I did my summer intern with them so I had feedback forms which showed my ability on what I could do, how I work with people etc. So you should be prepared to be answering more questions. But I don’t think it would be too different too.


Okay brilliant, thank you very much for all the help. It has definitely clarified a lot of aspects of it / settled nerves and help reduce the possibility in my mind of a black swan interview where they throw something in which I am totally unprepared for. I think as long I can make it through the presentation okay I have a chance as given the structure of the previous interview, it has got to be more of a deciding factor at this stage. Will let you know how it goes. Congrats once again!


Thank you very much for offering your help to us. Got my partner interview coming up for tax, how would you say we should present, sitting down or standing up? Was your presentation quite formal or more of a indepth conversation about the topic?


Hey Cashper. How long did you have to wait after you passed the first interview to set a date for the partner one? and also, what topic did you get for your presentation? " How should tax be used?" Thanks a lot.


No problem at all. First off, good luck and all the best! I think it comes naturally that you sit and present. It’s in a small room (really small, just enough space for a small round coffee table) so I guess standing up would be awkward since it is that close. I also would advice to print the slides out for the partner and let him know your progress on the slides. A trick I did and noticed to be quite useful is that when you present, have a set of slides for yourself too. Then as you flip through the slides, you can point on the slides you are on so the partner can follow you easily. It would also then be a good reminder of your presentation and keep you on track - especially with the limited time you don’t want to wander off topic. So it is like killing two birds with one stone while still looking professional and prepared. I gave my presentation quite formally, and when it came to the Q&A part, it was more a conversation to get more indepth on my opinions and comments.


No problem at all. I think a very strong presentation would be key since it would really set the tone and flow of the interview later on. A strong presentation would mean they can figure out a lot about you and would need you to justify less later on. You’ll be fine! Good luck!


Hi guys,
Can you please shed some light on to the first stage interview? As I am scheduled for one in Consulting Actuarial for 2016 Graduate Scheme


Hey limlj! Congratulations! I was just invited into the first interview. Can I get any tips on it? what the case study is about? and how many competency questions you had been asked? Thanks!