Deloitte partner interview/ 2012 Audit


Hi, everyone, I am having my partner interview soon…nervous & excited.

I have heard others’ presentation topic but mine is different… is about whether businesses will learn lesson from financial crisis…

Just wondering are they looking for a general presenation or specific one related to Deloitte and audit?


I had my partner interview at the beginning of January for tax and my presentation was on the impact of the budget - I didn’t really focus on Deloitte and/or the service line, but gave a general presentation instead. Beware though, the Partner may ask you how your topic relates to Deloitte so make sure you are prepared!




Hi EliseLiu,

I have the same topic for interview as yours. Could you please help me out and send me your presentation slides. My email adress is:



Hi there,

I am a fresh MSc graduate with no previous experience.I have applied for an assistant audit position at Deloitte. It has been almost 2 month in the recruitment process. I passed the phone interview, face to face competency interview, Accounting interview, and psychometric test.

Now, I have a technical interview with the partner. I have no clue on what I shall be expecting. I asked the HR manager on this issue, she said its more likely to be a personality testing and accounting topics case. I guess I am still not sure how to be prepared. Also, I was not told to prepare for a presentation. Please help, I appreciate it from you guys.