Deloitte or Grant Thornton? Tax

Grant Thornton


Hello Folks! After 2 and an half years in tax department (transfer pricing) in Deloittei am about to quit and join either another big 4 or Grant Thornton.
I wouldn’t like to change, since i could get promoted as Senior Consultant from this summer, but i MUST. As far as I am concerned, in Big 4 tax, all depends on the people one works with and I currently work with 3 assholes: high pressure when is not necessary, no rewards, shitty and not equal valuations.
I am wondering whether to choose Grant Thornton would devaluate my resume. To be honest i would like to find a more “down to earth” working staff and vibe and from a fist job interview i got a great impression from GT: the HR manager recalled the names of all the people who left over the last 2 years! Furthermore GT replied to my application in 2 days!
My big concern is to not work in big projects as at big 4 and to narrow my future possibilities in top companies. I also admit that the big 4 prestige for me is like a dope :smiley:


Hi, applied for the Transfer Pricing Team within the Deloitte London office. I am looking forward to the prospect of working within that service. Has your work life improved? Did you join another firm or did you stay at Deloitte?