Deloitte Online Tests - 72 working hours? For each?


Hi, i know there has been a similar topic, but i couldnt reach a conclusion. Did we decide it was literally 72 hours over working days to take the test?

Also am I correct in thinking once you have completed the numberical test if you are succesful you get 72 hours from that point to take the verbal test?

I ask because i have been invited to take these tests and i want to know how to best use my time for preperation.

Thanks in advance peeps



thats what i got


…seems like it is 72 “working hours” but call HR to check for your own piece of mind and let us know what they tell you! Tell them that the WikiJob forums are going crazy with people unable to understand their bizarre time scale…!


I had the same doubt. Well I spoke to the person who contacted me at Deloitte to invite me for their numerical test. Since I could not meet their deadline I had to ring them. I asked them to clarify what they meant by 72 working hours and they told me it was 72 hours since receiving the email. I get this because I received an email on Thursday and I had to go away on a conference Friday-Monday… and they said that yes, I would have had to complete the test by the weekend.

I hope this helps.


That’s harsh.


That is harsh. Normally they’re fine about extensions e.g. if you go on holiday.


Oops… I didn’t mean to be confusing. They did grant me an extension!! The only thing I meant was that when they say 72 hours they count weekends to. But yes, of course they make alternative arrangements if you have a good reason not to be able to sit the test within those 72 hours.


Yea I had a similar issue- my invite to the verbal test went straight into my junk folder and i didnt see it for a couple of days so i did the test a week after the invite! I emailed Deloitte to apologise (profusely!) and they said it should be ok. Good luck on getting through :slight_smile:


If anyone is reading this and worrying that they’ve just missed the deadline, go ahead and do the online test anyway. I did mine a couple of days after the deadline and the application process simply carried on as normal after that.