Deloitte Online Test


Hi Everyone,

i’ve just been invited for the online test. Please can anyone share with me the Do’s and Do Not’s when taking the test. Additional tips will be highly appreciated. Thanks



Out of KPMG, PwC and Deloitte, this was by far the simplest online test for me. There are some practice tests you can do. Deloitte use Kenexa and you can find some sample tests here:

However, in my experience these seemed slightly easier than the real thing!

The verbal test is quite simple. Just take your time reading each passage. There should be 3/4 questions for each passage so don’t worry about spending a bit of time understanding the passage. It is feasible to answer all the questions in this but I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t. It’s more important to take your time so you don’t make a stupid mistake due to haste.

Conversely, it is highly unlikely you will complete the numerical test. Don’t make this your aim. Instead, take your time and concentrate on answering the questions you know. You can move easily back and forth between q’s o if you feel a bit stressed by 1 q move on to the next one and go back to that q should you have time. In this way you’re not stressing yourself about 1 q when you may be able to easily qanswer some further on.

Primarily, relax. Make sure you’re in a quiet environment where you will be undisturbed, have pencil, paper and a calculator. Take the time to understand the graph or table in front of you and concentrate on the q’s you think you can answer instead of spending too long on something you don’t have a clue about. This is as much a test of time management and coping under stressful circumstances as it is about your numerical ability.

I have no idea what the bar is but I managed to pass, so you should certainly be able to!! Good luck and I hope this helps!


Thanx Very much,

I have taken a couple of practice tests but i am so concerned about the bar. How much i will need to make a pass ? Does Deloitte uses the percentile system or the individual score ?



I think they use percentiles but I received absolutely no feedback re the tests so I don’t know how many I got right to give you an idea, sorry.

Just don’t stress too much about it. Do your best, stay calm and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


The pass standard for the tests isn’t too high & they are based on GCSE maths only. It’s really a test to see if you can handle dealing with numbers at all - needless to say if you have too much trouble with these tests, you aren’t really suited to an accounting career.

Despite this you should take them very seriously- complete the practice tests online where you can and make sure you are well versed with ratios, percentages, fractions, reading charts and tables, foreign currency calculations and time calculations before you take the test- each or a combination will almost undoubtedly form the basis of every question you are asked.


Hi Chrism,

I took the numerical test this morning and i’m waiting for the results. How long does it take to get the results ?



If I recall rightly, about a day, two at the most.


Check out the post relating to Deloitte here:



I didn’t answer all the questions and i little bit worried about the percentile system. I think i will be fine.

Thanx Chrism


I completed the Deloitte online test earlier today, but I was only allowed to do the Numerical one, apparently I can progress on to the Verbal one if I am successful with the first? Is this new as there isn’t anything listed about this on the forum that i’ve seen, I was under the impression you do them both and they take them together?



That’s the way I completed them, although they were pretty quick telling me I’d passed the 1st one and letting me take the second.


Hello there,

Am I to assume that I failed the online test given that I wasn’t able to proceed to the verbal test after I sat for the numerical test?




How long does it take to hear back after completing the verbal test to see if i get through to interview?? Iv been waiting nearly a week…hope I pass! I applied to London audit. thanks


Just for anyone out there who is going to the deloitte online test.

I took the numerical test, and then it took them 2 days to get back to me to tell me I had passed and had to do the verbal test.


Hey I’ve just tried the sample test for Deloitte numerical test. I was shocked. It does not seem as easy as it sounds. And it’s SHL not PSL.


Any thoughts on the numerical test? I found it challenging? does anyone know how well you have to to do? whats the verbal one like, anyone know?

S.Le have you done it yet? how did it go?


I have done the Deloitte test; it is pretty hard. Very much similar to Credit Suisse and BARCAP numerical tests; it is provided by SHL. Atleast 50% of the questions are percentage related. I am invited to an AC on 8th October; so I will update you all on how it goes! All the best to all of you.


After completing my verbal test.

I got a email message from Deloitte thanking me for completing the tests, and they will be in contact with me.

Does that mean I passed/failed? What do you people rekon?


@Ak357 - it means you have passed the tests. Now they will screen your application and it is most likely you will be invited for your first round competency based interview. All the best.


Cheers Aj.

Good luck with the AC in October. Fingers crossed I pass my numerical test.