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Hey guys, I had my partner interview yesterday and I’ve been waiting for a call! Nothing yet :(( I have a few questions, would really appreciate any feedback!

  1. How long does Deloitte take to respond after the final partner interview? I’ve heard some people getting calls 1,2 hours after the interview while others wait up to a week, maybe more!! Is that time difference based on how much they like the candidate?

  2. Who makes that final decision - is it the partner or the HR team?

  3. Specifically for consulting, how important is your performance in the case study compared to the interview?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Jjsnax,

I had my interview back on the 19th May and got a phone call upon reaching home (around 6.30pm). Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen to you, it’s usually a 48 hour window…whilst most people get a call straight away or on the morning after, I’ve heard from some that it’s taken longer. I beleive the decision is made by the Partner, but he will probably review the exercises etc. that you did during the day as well…if you were ok-ish and then did amazingly on the other exercises that would obviously work well in your favour.

Bear in mind, sometimes you can do so well in your final interview that it can discount everything prior to this.

I don’t know what they place more importance on - you can be cr@p at the case study but blow your partner away in your interview if you’re really personable etc. Or it can be the other way around, I think in terms of impact the partner interview is the most important overall. You can ace everything but if he thinks you’re going to be a chore to work with, or someone he’s not confident of displaying infront of clients, then likelihood is you won’t get in.

Let me know how it goes and best of luck.

Btw my app was TI Consulting.




Also - it’s 48 hours (as in 2 working days) it’s unlikely you would hear from them on the weekend.

Also keep an eye on your inbox, they will call to say you’re accepted but e-mail to say you’re not through…


Thanks K-man!!! Lol yeah its been a pretty painful long weekend haha. I thought the interview went really well and the partner actually said at the end that he thought I would “fit really well into Deloitte”. I guess it depends now on the case studies - i did the HC specific case study really well but I found the first market estimation case interview pretty tough…Eh. Anyway thanks for your feedback and i’ll let you know how it does :slight_smile: thanks again!!


No problem - trust your gut feeling. I was quite happy afterwards and felt like if I got rejected, it was because the competition was just too good rather than I had let myself down…I got an absolute howler of a question wrong in the E-Tray (the calendar one, completely forgot to discount working days) but obviously noone cared…!


WOOOOHOOOOO got an OFFER this MORNING!! Happiness!!


Haha! I was still in bed this morning when I read this mail on my Blackberry! Well done and congratulations - I would have hated to have been waiting over the weekend, you must be releived. Best phone call ever right?!