Deloitte Offers 2012 - London


Hi guys,

Just thought I’d make a thread where we can all post our offers. We can get to know who will be working in the London offices at Deloitte! Also has anyone has their contract through in the post yet? All I’ve had through since receiving my offer was a box of chocolates!

I’ll start - Indirect Tax Consulting - Placement year




I will be joining London Audit!

I have not received any chocolates, quite jealous now haha.

When did you receive your offer? I was told at the partner interview that I got it.


I’ll be joining London Audit in Autumn, got my offer at the start of January.
Got the offer letter through a few days after that, and then some chocolates the week after. I got told at an offer event that we get the actual contract through about 2 months before the start date.

Have you had to choose your audit sub-group yet? I got that email about the same time as the chocolates…I’ve chosen Consumer Business myself.


I got my offer around the middle of February 2 working days after I met my partner for the interview.

Haven’t received any details yet, send off my exam certificates about a week ago.



I received chocs in the post about a week after my offer letter (for a moment I thought they forgot about me lol).

I have scanned and sent off my certificates and have also chosen to join Banking and Capital Markets.

I guess its just a waiting game now.


hi everyone…recently been made an offer from del and the salary they are offering is the same as that it was last year for the same service line??? can someone please advise do they negotiate or not??has anyone had such experience? is everyone’s salary the same as that it was last year or not??also what figure are they quoting to different people? (just to get a rough idea…cause i feel they are giving less to me).please advise…i have to accept or decline in 5 days…!!!



Firstly congrats on the offer and we shall hopefully see you in September.

Secondly the offer letter CLEARLY states that the salary for this year has yet to be determined and they have given you last years salary purely as an indicator. Very unlikely this will be your exact salary! I believe you will look very silly trying to negotiate but by all means you can give it a go.

What service line are you joining and also what office.

All the best with your offer



im looking at the actual offer and not the provisional one and its exactly the same as last years, thats why i asked in the first place.

plus i feel voicing what one has in mind doesnt project one to be silly as against being silent or in doubt, be it here or in any other platform.

for your service line and city whats the provisional they have quoted??


Are you looking at the actual contract, and not the offer letter given days after the offerr?

I have yet to recieve the final contract but many on the deloitte facebook group have.

And its just my opinion that the salary is non negotiable, but do let us know how you get on. So what service line are you in then? Im joining Audit Banking and Capital Markets in London.


RE. the Facebook group.

I still haven’t been invited to join it!
I’ve had my contract through and everything, but would appreciate being a part of the Facebook group as well.
I contacted my Grad Recruitment contact at my office, and she forwarded my query onto somebody else but I still haven’t had anything.

Is it invite only?


Yes it is invitation only. They sent out the invite a few weeks after my offer. Im not sure why you were not invited yet but I am sure they will do if you contact them. Its actually quite useful to be in the group as they communicate some useful pieces of information via the group.


I’ll try chasing it up, again!