Deloitte - Offer received. Ask me anything!



I have recently received offer of employment with Deloitte. Wikijobs has been great help in preparing for the tests and interviews! Although they are many other posts, very good ones, about the recruitment process, I do believe in karma. I don’t want to write in detail, as I already said, there are loads of very good posts about the application process, and I will be just repeating everything that has been said. So if anyone has any particular questions and can’t find answers in other posts or just wants any sort of advice, I would love to answer! Just ask me:)


Congratulations :slight_smile:

Is your offer for external or internal audit?

It’s been days since my e-tray and they still have not contacted me. Is it a bad sign?


Thank you, Justine-L :slight_smile:

It is for external audit.

Don’t think negatively. They usually contact you within 5 working days. It happens very often though, that they take ages to give you the answer.
Did you try and call them? If it has been really long time, than I suggest contacting them!

Just as example, it took 2 months for some other places I applied to to give me the answer!
So stay positive!


Very good post:


^Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey SD_23,

Could you describe some questions asked in your first interview? Is there any tricky question? Thanks a lot.


congra!! im now invited into the e-tray practice. may i ask in terms of the 2nd part, shall i explain the figure in details, or just say the 1st one may be costive, rather than giving specific details? thanks a lot.!


Hi Auroradream,

Questions in the first interview were mostly the same as described in other posts. I can’t remember all questions now. And it all was kind of a blur for me as well:) But here are questions I remember being asked:

Example I worked in a team
Example where I had to do something (some task) where I had very little knowledge of doing it
Give example where I achieved goal
How do I motivate in a team
Example of when I gave a presentation
Example when I organised something
Time I made a decision
What you will be doing on day-to-day basis
What does ACA involves
Question about how I deal with a conflict in a team
Example when I persuaded someone

All questions are straightforward. Make sure you prepare at least 2 examples for each question. I was asked for two examples for some questions. Also think about follow-up question:

What did you learn from it
What would you do differently
What are some of the challenges you faced.

The only tricky question I was asked was: How would you audit this building? (the one we were having interview in)
I was asked these as well for almost all questions. And remember, that they WANT you to succeed in the interview. So just relax,smile, remember your examples and have fun!


Thank you, samyanzhen

Congratulations on getting trough to the e-tray!

Well, when I did the second part I compared all three alternatives. There is a lot of information for you to read and base your decision on. I would suggest choosing several (3-4) points on which you will compare the alternatives. Then give pros and cons for each alternative according to the points you have chosen.

You should write an introduction, then couple of paragraphs comparing alternatives and then conclusion, where you give reasons why you chose one or another alternative. I would suggest to not get into much detail, as time is tight, but try to choose most important points and work with them. You have to provide numbers as well, if you just write “in words” and don’t support it with the numbers, than it is not very good.
Also check the grammar as you write, as you probably will not have time to check it in the end


Hey SD_23,

Great info, thank you!

One question which having searched for hours I couldn’t find an answer to…

If you pass the e-tray, do they expect you to attend the next stage (first interview with line manager that involves talk about my choices for Trafford Lea and other questions)…the very next day?? I have my etray tomorrow, nervous. Any last bits of advice?

Thank you again!


It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be asked to attend an interview the very next day. First they have to mark your E-Tray (it took them 3/4 days to mark mine) and send you an email saying so, and then you’ll probably be contacted by a different grad recruitment contact, asking you to confirm a date for when you’re available. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi YoYoYo

J_Economics is right. They don’t expect you to attend the interview the very next day. However, I can’t tell you from my experience, as I went trough fast track, so I had e-tray on one day and 2 interviews (with the manager and the partner) the next day!

Good luck! Just don’t be nervous! They do everything to make you feel confident and calm! Read carefully and work fast. There is nothing difficult with the e-tray!
Good Luck!


Also YoYoYo, you don’t have to talk about your choices for Trafford Lea with a line manager anymore. It will just be a straightforward competency interview :slight_smile:


Hi SD_23

Thanks very much for your reply. That really helps a lot. Regarding to the first part, there should be some information in the folders. May I ask if time begins to count when we open the folders, or time counts afterwards? I noticed in the civil service exercise, time begins to count after I went through the information in the folders. Many thanks. looking forward for your reply. :slight_smile:


Hi Samyanzhen

I honestly can’t remember when the time starts…It was all so quick and kind of a blur, I don’t remember. Suggest think that it starts when you open the folders. This way you will be prepared anyway! And it will not come as a surprise, if you think beforehand, that time start after you have read folders.
Sorry couldn’t help with your question!


Many congratulations SD_23 and to many others who have managed to get an offer from Deloitte. It’s so amazing to see so many people that give their own feedback, truly Deloitte like! :slight_smile:

After reading all of the threads from 2011 to now, I have two questions and if anyone who has recently been to an AC that could kindly confirm whether the following statement is true or not.

Are these the actual names or have they changed?

" Zambezi Online (basically a UK Amazon), or Avalon Book Club (a catalogue mail order book seller), or Tarrini Books (a combination of online and storefront book selling)"

Lastly for the E-tray & written exercise, a student from 2011 mentioned he used a notebook and the keys are very small.
But some students have mentioned they got to do the AC on a normal size laptop?

Any feedback will be warmly appreciated!!!




Hi Aders

They give you a normal size laptop! I never heard of notebooks being used.
And yes, as far as I remember, those are the actual names!


I had a notebook, ie smaller screen, smaller keyboard and smaller keys :slight_smile:

That was at the London office on Stonecutter Street, though. It may vary from office to office.


SD_23 and J_Economics, thank you for your prompt replies, I guess whether it’s a small laptop or large ill be prepared! Enjoy the rest of your holidays!!! Once again thank you very much!