Deloitte Offer Process 2014


Hi all,

I am looking for some help…I received my verbal offer from Deloitte on the 9th September. I was informed on the telephone that I would receive a phone call that afternoon to discuss the offer process and the results of the salary poll. I have not received another telephone call since my verbal offer. I understand that at the moment it is busy period due to the establishment of the new project. I contacted my previous contact at Deloitte (12th Sept) to enquire as to the process, he informed me that he would email my contact who should contact me by close of business that day. I would appreciate your advice as to whether this is normal really? And what your experiences are?

Thank you very much,


You have definitely done the right thing by chasing this up once - sounds like you may have had to do it again. Recruitment processes are complicated and there are often delays, but this doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and wait for a call stressing out! Did you hear back from Deloitte eventually?