Deloitte Offer Letter



I received an offer for a position in September 2009 on Friday. I have been sent an email confirming this with the main details of my contract. Does anyone know when i will receive the offer letter itself?


In theory within a week, in practice could be two.


I got an offer last friday as well but it did not contain any details of my contract. I was told that the offer letter was posted last thursday but still has not arrived. I may call them tomorrow as I’m sure the post doesn’t take that long!

What details of your contract was sent to you Jerk?


snap! i have not received any letter either although someone from grad rec rang up to ask me when i was free to attend an Offer Day.

i received an email on Friday telling me my salary, holidays etc as a preview to the offer letter arriving


I had my interview last Tuesday, and had the offer letter by the Friday. Have just recieved confirmation that they’ve recieved it and that they’ll contact me about 3 months before I start (so about June 2009ish) about references etc.

What’s this about an offer day?


i had my recieved my offer on a tuesday and the the documents were sent out 10 days later…it usually takes between 7 -10 days!


Just out of curiosity, how much are the paying? (audit? London?)


chellamae, Chris1007, Jerk, hits123 - congratulations!!! Also out of curiosity, did you apply to audit? i am just surprised by the number of people who received offers in the last couple of weeks, i hope they still haven’t filled up all the places :slight_smile:


I applied to Tax at Gatwick.


please could you share your experience of the whole recruitment process from your perspective? ie Tax? I find that most of the advice I see are geared towards audit. Thanks


That was aimed at Chris1007


I got a job in Enterprise Risk Services, which i doubt many people have heard of!


does anyone know that if you have extenuating circumstances for alevels… do they go through the formality of verifying ur extenuating circumstances again after they offer you the job?

i know they verify it in the first stage of your application… but do they do so again after they offer you the job?


Don’t think they verify anything until then. It’s much easier to verify 20 graduates who got through than 1000 applications.


hey hits123, i’ve offered a job in enterprise risk services as well! i’ll be in the london office u?


yep london office - have you graduated?


thanks… Has anyone done any Tax interview? It would be much appreciated if you could share your experience.

Thanks in advance


The Tax first interview is very similr to the Audit one. They’ll ask you to give examples of each competency area and then the usual ones of why Deloitte, why Tax, what do you think you’ll be doing etc.

Final Assessment day is similar still, where you’ll do the same e-tray exercise and report, and be taken out to lunch. The partner interview will depend completely on the partner interviewing you. At mine she just asked me more questions on my example competencies, again with why Tax/Deloitte/this office? And I also got some general business competency questions such as to name a firm that’s doing badly at the moment and what 5 things would you change if you were in charge, who do you think Deloittes competitors are (for each service line) etc.

Hope this helps.


thanks Chris1007


Thanks for the posts here, they are very helpful. I have my tax assessment day coming up, and I am quite nervous about it!

In the email I received confirming the a/c, they said that I would complete the e tray exercise, one interview, and have lunch with the current graduates…

Does anyone know if:

  • the lunch with the graduates is assessed in any way, and plays any part in your overall success.
  • why there was no mention of a group exercise/written exercise, does tax not do this or are they planning to spring it on me?!
  • any other partner interview questions that I may be asked.

Any help would be amazing. Thanks guys.