Deloitte no reply


Had the final assessment day for a summer internship last tuesday, 25th Nov, said they would get back to me by friday, 28th Nov. It is now Dec and no reply?

Anyone else had this and if so what was your course of action?


Well… you have two options:

  1. Wait it out.
  2. Get in contact with them and ask what the hold up is.

It has only been a week, and 4 working days at that too…


HI jamie_400,

Im in a similar position at the moment, waiting to hear. Have you had a reply now? If so how long did it take for them to let you know?how did they let you know email or phone? And how did you do?



Hi Jamie & mwo407 im in the exact same place. Mine was on the thursday and they shouldve got back to me by the monday. I then called then on the Tuesday and was like ‘what’s going on’ and they said that they will be emailing people not calling them. I kinda took that as possibly meaning that i just hadnt got through and they couldnt be bothered to contact me yet but it’s quite weird that you two havent heard yet either…maybe they are just waiting a while to respond to people.
When was your assessment centre MW0407 and was it for an internship or grad role?



I have actually had my reply now. It took them exactly a week to get back to me. They contacted me by phone, but i was asleep at the time of the call, so checked my emails when i woke up as i had one from them. I then rang back to confirm that i had recieved the email and was asleep at the time of the phone call!

My assessment centre was on Tues Nov 25th and i heard back the following Tuesday. I did recieve an offer for the summer internship role btw.


Just wondering has anyone possibly heard from them regarding a rejection yet then?