Deloitte - No assessment centre slot?


I’ve been waiting for about 3 weeks and they still haven’t got any…phoned them twice and they sent me an email saying they have got too many applicants at the moment and will sort it out later :frowning: Is there any way I can convince them to let me have it before the end of december?




It can be very difficult to get a firm/company to speed their processes up, without a valid justification as to why they should do so. Why do you need it by january?

The one thing you could try is phoning them up and saying you have another offer from one of the big4 and have two weeks to accept it. Say E&Y or PWC, and that you really would prefer to work for Deloitte so you are trying to delay responding to the offer. Would there be any way they could speed up your AC/Partner interview? Or even a smaller firm like GT (Then theres more obvious desires for working for Deloitte) but that you dont want to not accept the offer on the hope that you get the position at deloitte even though its the one you want.

Be wary though, doing this can put you in a weaker position, as they might just tell you to take the offer and write you off. They might also ask, Which Firm? Why Deloitte over this Firm? What position at that firm? Why Deloittes position over that position? You obviously nees to be able to answer these qu’s well to show the motivation to work there. B ut this may be worth a try if you really cant wait till january.


I’m just worried the places will be filled up by january, as they already have in another firm. But, thanks for the suggestion, a very clever one, although as you said, I’d rather be cautious and not use that.


p.s as the apps have now closed for my 2 location choices.


what location are you applying to???


I think you need to realise that the personnel/recruitment depts of all the big 4 are dealing with thousands of applications and they are just working through lists. They just want to make sure the sysem is running smoothly and each applicant is being processed through the system.
Obviously this is pretty much peak time so they are snowed under and so a personal phone call may get your application pushed on a bit. You are just another name on their list.
I do know candidates for whom the stops have been pulled out to get them processed and offered quickly because the candidates genuinely had other offers and the letters etc to prove it. From application on line to job offer : 3 weeks. But these are examples from applications being made in the quiet period, eg July and August.
No one is going to say “go and take the other offer” but you would be rather foolish to invent an offer. Also unlikely that the recruitment admin will ask you soul searching questions.
Are you post graduation or in your final year? If the former,
tell them you’re going off to work/travel abroad in January and if you cannot get an interview sorted before then you may have to cancel your work. If latter tell them you have heavy academic work load, dissertation etc which will make interviews difficult to fit in. Be very polite and sympathise with their work load etc etc.


Hi, I got an invite for a first round interview but have to wait till the NEW YEAR for an interview slot! Needless to say, I’m not very optimistic of securing a job with deloitte… Any thoughts guys? Should I get my hopes up? Do you think the position will be closed by then?


I wouldn’t worry too much about having to wait until new year - they probably don’t offer many interview slots or assessment centres to anyone during the christmas period because it’s a busy time for everyone there - if all the jobs were already gone, they wouldn’t have invited you for an interview at all. Be patient - I had to wait a month or so to get my interview but still got an offer in the end.


moose87 - thanks for the vote of confidence! But do think, realistically speaking, that there will be places still available in January, especially for audit in London?


My A/C is in the new year sometime too. I don’t think we need to be all that worried.


Given that, most of the other big4 has filled up their London Audit places, I wonder how many places are left for Deloitte.


IBD_haunter- Thats what i’m worried about… I’m still at the interview stage! I’ve heard only a small minority make it past the first round interview at deloitte, any truth in this?


I dont think so. I dont know whether they have changed much this year, but usually its not so hard to get past the first round. You are not competing with other candidates. You just have to reach a benchmark. So, that makes it much easier!

Anyways, my application is “On Hold”. booo…


What stage are you at? AC?


I was told that it was really hard to get through Deloitte, but I got through that interview while I was rejected from Grant Thornton and BDO so I don’t think it’s really that difficult.


I’ve heard the first stage interview at Deloitte is designed to be harder to pass through, compared to the first round at the other Big Four. From my experience I definitely think the Deloitte first stage interview is much more intense (but I passed it).

  • i got my offer after I interviewed in January. The last grad we hired had his assessment day a week before the graduate intake.

  • Everyone is disappearing for holidays - I’m taking a grad out next week for lunch - but that’ll be it for this year.

  • my personal experience is that about 50% of candidates who make it to the final assessment day will receive an offer. Usually they stick out because they’ll ask good questions and realise that the lunch is one of the best opportunities to mine the associate for information that will be perceived to be insightful by the partner. Look at it this way - aim to find out at least 3 pieces of information / questions - ones that aren’t ordinarily offered by a candidate and that will make a solid impression. You get at least an hour of their (almost) undivided attention. Providing you haven’t fucked up the e-tray that is like gold dust and can make all the difference between an offer and a rejection.

  • i think it’s true that the first round interview is the toughest. First of all you’ll be interviewed by a manager / senior manager who will have no wish to stick his/her neck out for you and waste a partner’s time unless they truly believed you were a) good enough and b) wanted the job (don’t underestimate how frequently an interviewer will say “they were probably good enough but I just didn’t get a feel that they wanted to do the job” - the key to this is research. Find out about what you will do and what makes the job interesting / curious.)