Deloitte - London Weighting?


Hey guys,

I have been offered a position with Deloitte (London) with an approximate core starting salary of £25,000. Can anyone that works for Deloitte advise as to whether this figure includes London weighting? Of course, actual pay will not be confirmed until I receive a contract two months before starting in September but I would just like to get a rough idea of how much I will be earning if possible.

Not to sound greedy as I am very happy with this salary; I just need to start planning financially for the long-term as I may need to take out a loan.

Thanks :o)


I believe it does. I did a bit of research before applying and was finding figures around that range.

Can I ask in what area you have just been offered a post? I’m still waiting to hear back!



I was also wondering what area you are going into in London? I just got an offer too.


That figure is probably with the London weighting (though I thought it was closer to £27 or 28k). Deloitte outside London is circa £20 - £21k. These figures are for Audit (or any role which require completion of an accountancy qualification). Consulting figures are around £32k (ish)