Deloitte Interview


Hello Guys

Please I have an interview with the Petroleum Services Group of Deloitte. The position is for a Business Developer. The main responsibilities are:

  1. Developing the profile of Petroleum Services in the Aberdeen region;
  2. Meeting prospective clients and demonstrating the services that the Group offers;
  3. Co-ordinating opportunities with overseas teams where appropriate;
  4. Account management of the existing client base; and
  5. Providing some on-site technical client support.

Any suggestions on areas I should concentrate on. Thank you for your contributions.


Is it for a graduate position or for an experienced post, and what is your experience (broadly)?


Thanks Chrism2671. I would say that it is for an experienced position. Part of the requirements are candidates with two to three years working experience.
As for my experience, I had a one year trainee geologist experience, but this is a long time now, about 7years ago - it happens to be part of the requirements though. The rest of my career has been in banking, from operation analyst to project management support. I took a break to pursue a masters degree in energy studies and just about getting back to a job. Thanks.


I think it would be good to have some examples of how you’ve fulfilled those responsibiliities in previous roles you’ve had- so for example, how you’ve helped develop a business or product at another company. Because the job you’ve applied for is very industry specific, any knowledge of that industry would be a strong plus- especially if you’ve ever visited a rig in the past. Geology is a very specific requirement and it’s a real asset that you have it.

Overall the interview is likely to be like any other job interview- they’ll look at your CV and ask you to talk about your role at each place. If you can reference the requirements as you talk, so much the better.

Hope this helps!