Deloitte Interview - Waiting to hear back from Office Visit


I interviewed for the role of Life Science/Healthcare Consultant through campus recruiting. Got selected for 1st round phone interview, which went well. 2 days later I received notification that I was selected for the final round office visit. Interview was 1.5 weeks ago on Friday (went really well), and I still have not heard anything regarding my candidacy status. However, a recruiter contacted me the middle of last week (few days after the interview) to confirm my location preferences for this role. Should I take this as a good sign that I could be receiving the offer? Please advise.


Hi Elsa

I’ve not been through this process myself (hopefully someone who has will soon comment) but I imagine that asking you location preference is more likely to be positive than not. Have you heard anything as yet?

Best of luck!


Hey do you have any tips for the office visit? Xx