Deloitte Interview Stage


Like others, this website has be invaluable in understanding the questions and competencies in the first interview stage that I had today with Deloitte. I have applied for the Global Employer Services (Tax), and Deloitte have been fantastic with me so far. I had my first interview today and like everyone else the questions were very structured. I had my interview with a man, who was friendly and genuinely seemed like he cared about my interview. He is very much there to push you along for answers, in a checklist type of way. The best advice I can give is to prepare 2 answers for each competency. However if possible interchange, so when answering a question on planning and organisation, throw in something about communication skills used or a decision you had to make as part of the process. Do not be afraid to ask them questions afterwards, as my interviewer closed his laptop and was enthusiastic in talking about things unrelated to competency questions! Be friendly, smart and concise with your answers and everything should be fine! I am now waiting to hear back from them, but as its the weekend will probably hear back sometime next week.

What has other peoples time frames been for hearing back/booking an interview for the partner stage? Any tips going forward if im successful?

If anyone has any questions with any of the steps before this (tests) or the interview itself I’d be happy to help.


Hi Samchistlett,

Thank you very much for sharing your first interview experience. I just had recently been invited to my first interview. But I have never been contacted by the HR yet regarding the date of my interview. Therefore it would be great if you could tell my how did you book your interview? Did you book it yourself on the online recruitment system?

Many thanks


Hi Sam,

were there any competency based questions, also what was you outcome.