Deloitte interview help



i was just wondering how much weight deloitte gives to the competancy based interview. is it like a pass or fail (like the online tests) or is it taken as part of your overall application? the same questions apply for the e-tray.

also what is the most important thing they consider when making an offer to you: your application form (e.g. university grades a levels etc), online tests, interview or e tray?

many thanks in advance



please help


I think the overall result to be honest. Your chemistry will play a good part. Just be knowledgeable and interested. They will assess you on potential fit to the org even if you dont quite match criteria, some employers would employ you if they like you!!!


I think they assess you out of 5 for each of the compentencies, and also on things like how personable you are (do you look them in the eye, do you smile nicely or are you sulky, do you talk confidently, or give short answers - things like that). You have to get at least 3/5 for each section to progress to the next stage of the applicaiton process. If you get a 2/5 or lower for any one category than you’ll just be told your application was unsuccessful.


unfortunately my application was unsuccessful with deloite!! :frowning:


fcuk19 - sorry 2 hear that you were unsuccessful :frowning: …when was your interview? how long did it take for them to reply?
i had my interview on monday for TA&A but i still havent heard from them…confused!