Deloitte interview harder in London?



I got a place as an SVS audit student at a relatively small regional Deloitte office but for my final partner interview I want to ask for an interview in London. I was wondering, because it’s larger and there would be more applicants etc, would the interview be harder to pass in the London office, making it less likely for me to secure a job? Or would interviews everywhere be judged roughly the same? Also, am I right in thinking I have an advantage over other non SVS applicants? Any help would be great, thanks!


Hi there,

Congrats on your offer!
I think firstly, be tactful as to how you request a change of office - you don’t want to give the impression you think negatively about the office you did your SVS! Have a good list of reasons about why you want to move to London and ask them if it is possible for you to be considered there. I don’t think there will be too much of an issue (assuming that they haven’t filled all the London places already).

The interviews would be the same in terms of format and difficulty (all the Directors/ Partners are trained the same in terms of interview method), however, yes the London office is generally more competitive. And with that can come a more rigorous interview, just because they are having to distinguish between a larger group of people.

There is always a slight advantage in having some sort of vacation scheme/ internship over an applicant that has none. However, you will still need to perform just as strongly in interview!

Good luck!