Deloitte interview cancellation!?



I applied for the Deloitte consulting graduate scheme (2009) three weeks ago and subsequently made it through the numerical and verbal tests to the interview stage. My interview was scheduled for Monday 3rd November- the first date available. However i got an email this morning saying that unfortunately the business areas i have applied for are now full! I can have an interview if i like but for a different area. I had applied for strategy with operations being second choice.

Seems a bit unreasonable that this happens a couple of days before the interview…anyone else had a similar experience?



Yes, well not exactly, but the PwC area that I was after got filled between my 1st and 2nd interviews. It’s just tough luck and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s the company or the area that is more important to you…


Yeah, same thing just happened to me. Not a very nice way to treat people it seems.


I received the same message on Friday. They asked, if possible, to express a preference between the two remaining business areas; I emailed them back straight away but had no reply.

Now I’m wondering if the interview (scheduled for the upcoming week) is still on… I suppose so, as the message didn’t mention that it was cancelled. Did you get any further reply, or managed to get in touch with Deloitte regarding this issue?


I emailed straight away also but no reply…my interview is tomorrow so I hope it is still happening! i choose the enterprise applications but it was not what the area i wanted initally and i dont know much about what it even is!!!


wycombe, I chose the same…

Good luck for your interview tomorrow!! Could you please let us know how it goes and whether they mention anything about this issue?


Deloitte seem to have a very sloppy graduate recruitment team in my view, highly unprofessional especially when compared with other firms - And in my view it must harm the quality of the candidates they get, if I were offered a position with Deloitte and one of the other Big 4 I would definetly choose one of the other Big 4. And that’s purely on the basis of how badly managed their graduate recruitment process is, because I reckon it must be reflection of the organisation as a whole.


yea i was most impressed with KPMG (by a mile). made it to the AC as well and then got another email saying it was all full! This graduate scheme entry is so annoying, it is not even if you are good or bad half the time!


I agree with depmode - my experience of Deloitte has not been a good one and if I get the job with PwC (I have the AC in a few weeks) I am not even going to bother with the first stage interview at Deloitte - obviously I will inform them well in advance!! My application (for Deloitte) has been passed from service line to service line and from region to region (e.g. London to Cambridge and then back) for well over a month now. Initially I applied to PETS, then Transaction Services which got full up, so I switched to restructuring services or something along those lines, which also got full up but they didn’t bother to tell me. I only found out becasue I called. My application is now pending for audit but I await any news. Meanwhile places will be filling up fast. I don’t have any experience of KPMG so I cannot comment, but thus far I am most impressed with PwC!


thats strange- ive received really good service from Deloitte. Theyve been great. But that may be because i have an offer in a very small department. I think Audit is a bit of a meat market so much harder to keep everything under wraps.


Had the same experience with Deloitte. I had to keep reminding them to book an interview for me (they would promise to get back to me by the next day with an interview date and then just seem to forget to do so) and my interview was pretty strange as well. Didn’t make the firm seem very promising to me…


I have also applied for startegy consulting graduate sheme 2009 with Deloitte and after completing the online tests in the beginning of December, I’ve been invited for the first interview. Though, they did not specify the date and said to get back to me towards the end of January as all available interview dates are currently full. However, they did not mention anything about this business area being full (I applied for the London office).



I’ve applied for TI consulting with Deloitte.

I was sent an email on 31st October saying that Strategy, Human Capital and Operations were all full.

I went for a first interview and got through. I was invited to the AC but they said they had filled all positions apart from TI (emailed sent 3rd December).

I’ve got the AC tomorrow.

To be honest maybe they are keeping you ‘on hold’ until they are sure that everyone they have offered a place has signed a contract.