Deloitte Interview and Waiting


I am in law school, and I am receiving a LL.M. in Tax. Deloitte Tax called me after they found my resume on LinkedIn–a recruiter talked to me via the phone several times then finally asked if I was interested in applying. I of course said yes. I sent in my resume/writing samples/etc and waited. About 2 weeks later, they called me to set up an interview, which was scheduled about a week out. The interview was just 5, 30 mins, interviews back to back. Its been 3 weeks, and all I have heard back from them every week is either a phone call or email saying “were still discussing your interview,” or “were planning a meeting to decide next week…” I finally got sick of waiting and called the original person who I built a relationship with and she simply said, “were writing out the formal letter to mail to you within the week…but I can’t discuss anything with you now, and I can’t say ‘yay or nay’ until you get that formal letter in the mail.” I read that Deloitte will call you if you got the job, or email you if they rejected you. Neither happened. What’s this mean? Just because its taking so long I have a bad feeling about it. What do you think?


i don’t know but i’d like to know the outcome! good luck!