Deloitte internship application




if i’m applying to deloitte for the professional services rotation internship do i need to say why i want to do each of the 3 service lines? audit, tax and ers? and will i also have to say the day to day stuff for all 3?



…what’s ERS?


enterprise risk services


The more you can show you know about, and the more positive and enthusiastic you can be about the things you’ll be doing on your internship, the better for your application form. I’d say yes - you should talk about each line of service. IF you’re short on space keep things highly specific, but brief.


Do try and indicate an understanding of what it is you will be doing- after all, the more comprehensive your application, and the more you demonstrate that you understand about the role and Deloitte, the more chance you will appear committed to a career in accounting and professional services.