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Please Please Is there anyone could possibly help me with the Public Sector Internal Audit application 2010. How was the interview process like and what is the on line test going to be? Someone from this forum phoned up the HR regarding about the interview process and got feedback that the test going to be math and english(what on the earth is that mean?) will it be the same like other standard Psychometric Tests? I looked up Deloitte Web for this role and got nothing really helpful at all except two pdf files send along with the application forms by Deloitte that i have to filed up. Really appreciate for anyone could possible help.

Wish you guys all good luck in job hunting.

Many thanks


no one knows about it???please please help me!!!


Hey, the PSIA application process is totally different to the other deloitte graduate schemes. If you complete the application and they like you they’ll invite you to a first interview. Here you’ll do a test, not a psychometric one, so don’t bother practicing those. It’s quite a simple multiple choice test, a few different sections, with a short maths part - no calculators. I didn’t prepare for the test and it was fine so I wouldn’t worry about it, just pay attention to the time. After the test you’ll have an interview, general competency questions (see other pages on this site). My interview was very relaxed and a week later I got a call for a second interview.



Thank you very very very much for the reply. I am totally desperate here cause i can not find anything relevent to PSIA from their main web. Is there any phone interview before face 2face? the test sounds like really easy to you is that because you are a math genius ?I am not a math person but not dreadful stupid either. If you are so into math then of course everything will be a piece of cake for you. is the test like ratio or percentage caculation sort of things? any english test on the same day cause my first language is not english and got a little bit worried about that. Did you get the job finally( really really really hope from the bottom of my heart that you got it ).

Thank you so much again for the reply and really really looking forward to hear from you again.

All the best to you in your career.



That’s ok, yeh it is very frustrating that there is no information about this company on Deloitte’s website, seeing as they are completely owned by them. I haven’t had the second interview yet, its on Thursday so fingers crossed! For me there was no phone interview or anything, it will probably be the same for you but I don’t know for sure. The test only had a small maths section, I’m good at maths but I’m not used to no calculator tests but it was just some straight forward calculations. The rest I’m afraid to say is an English based test, mainly focusing on synonyms. It seems that your English is very good so I wouldn’t worry too much, my vocabulary is rather shocking but I made educated guesses by eliminating the answers that I knew were wrong. I just wouldn’t panic about it too much because I’m sure that they must be more interested in your career motivation and skills than your test score so just appear confident in the interview part.


Dear: Gabalooloo
Thank you so much for this enornous help. I sure you will have a great success in your career and figure cross for you on Thursday. No matter of the result people like you with warm kind heart deserve a better return. Is there any synonyms test you would suggest me to practice pleaae? I can not let myself to bother you anymore.

PLEASE do let me know your good news.( I am sure it must be goog).

God bless you.


Kent university website has a test that could be useful for you to practice


Hi there,

I also have the first round interview coming up and did not have a telephone interview or online tests to do.

gabalooloo thanks so much for your info…if you dont mind can give a few examples of the numerical test you had as I am very weak in this area.

Im actually really worried bout the tests bcos I am not sure what to expect. I been practicising normal psychometric tests but read ur above posts a while ago.

Any info would be greatley appreciated and I wish u all the best for next stage…am sure u will ace it!

Thanks again in advance


ME TOO.~it sounds like easy about the math test accoring to gabalooloo i am still worry about it. The web gabalooloo provides is really resourceful and save plenty time to google. sophiprincess would you please let me know how long did it take to hear from them for the interview?

thanks a million for any help.


Hi ggd333,

I received the interview invite after 3-4 days of completing the form. When is your interview?

Yes I am worried about the numerical test because there are som many different ones and I usually fail all…if i can get a few examples from gabalooloo (who is probs a maths i will practice similar ones.

Have u practised for the verbal test? Im unsure 4 this too! I have just done the kent uni link provided (gabalooloo is very kind for the help)



Yes! Finally found a forum thread regarding Deloitte PSIA!!!

Hello ladies and gents, I also completed a form sent to me via email and subsequently received a call today for a first interview next week.

I hope it went well gabalooloo, and congratulations to you macers!!! If successful, I also am hoping for a September start.

I would like to ask you macers, what was the process with the first interview? What did they ask you? Was it competency based? And also regarding the 2nd interview, did you need to speak to a Deloitte senior member or have a partner interview like the main recruitment process?

I am mainly concerned with the interviews and would like to have an idea of what to expect, more so than the tests.

Thanks guys!!!


congrates red ray. just wondering how long have you been waiting for the 1st interview call?

many thanks


Hi ggd333,

I waited 3 days from submitting application form to receiving the call.


Hey guys, just received a job offer and look forward to meeting you all in September!
The first interview is 50 minutes for a verbal and numerical reasoning test. Non calculator, a few tricky questions [yes maths not my forte] but hey ho multiple choice so just guess! But one piece of reassuring advice I can give is that if you’ve been doing psychometric practice with companies such as SHL and alike then the PSIA tests are sooo much easier! Just brush up on your synonyms, as this was another tricky area! As for the interview itself, general competency questions that have been given as examples on the Deloitte pages.
The second interview is a further competency based interview with scenarios related to the role, all about assessing whether you’re going to fit in and whether PSIA is for you. Really friendly and relaxed. Just ensure you are fully aware of all aspects of the career and current news applicable to Audit! Relax and enjoy the process of what was definitely a great learning curb in terms of my first professional job interviews and a real pleasure, obviously, to receive a job offer!! xx


Thanks ronnietopaz,

Thats great advice and insight into the process. I have one coming up soon and am wondering how to deal with the salary aspect as there was no advertised amount. This is obviously a personal negotiation, but do you know what the range is for this role? Also, can you provide an example of the sort of scenario questions they asked?

Either way ronnietopaz, sincere thanks for the above post!



I’ve been told that the salary is actually the same for all PSIA graduate scheme by the interviewer, the only reason they ask is not for negotiating but so that someone doesnt come up with a silly or over high figure which would indicate that its more about money.

Congrats to ronnietopaz for getting the job.



Hi all, I got a call on friday and they offered me a job, yay! I actually found the second interview was quite fun, just chatted to the general manager, it was only meant to be an hour but it ended up being an hour and a half, i just had to ask a simple question and he went into great detail about the company. It showed that he’s passionate about PSIA! I guess I’ll meet macers and ronnietopaz soon and good luck to the rest of you.


congrates:gabalooloo for the new job offer.

Just wondering as the others who have not been went through the whole interview process. would you please give us a general intruduction regarding about the competences questions you have been asked during the interview. Please Please do help us.

Thank you so much for your effort.



audit - the question is just what you expect to be earning, its up to you really. If you say a lot more than they pay they won’t dismiss you because of it they will just warn you before hand just in case you won’t work for them for less.
ggd333 - competencies are on the deloitte website and there’s some pages on here too, the pages for deloitte interview questions are relevant for PSIA as well.


hey everyone, I got a job offer on Friday so those of you already onto the scheme then I will look forward to seeing you. For those that are going through the process I will be more than happy to help out if needed.

Just a general question for those of you that have got a job offer, has HR contacted you at all yet? I’m just wondering what the next step is really lol