Deloitte - Information & Technology Risk - Data



I have a first round interview with Deloitte in Information & Technology Risk - Data and i am struggling to find any commercial knowledge on the subject. Any help?
Also im assuming the rest of the interview will follow the same route as the other streams (such as audit, tax etc)?

Would be a big help if anyone who applied to this division help cheers :smiley:


Hi felics,
I applied for the same role but it doesn’t seem to be on the website no more I think its been changed to ERS, so hope your first round interview go successfully, i just passed my phone interview so waiting to book my first round interview. Do you think there are still lots more places to be filled for this role?


I hope so too, there seem to be nothing on the site about it! :S

yes i think your right but I have found some information by just typing in the role into google followed by Deloitte.

To be honest I was tranferred to this department after i passed the phone interview as corporate finance was full but after reading up on it, it doesnt seem to be something i want to particularly go into…but seeing as I need a job I have no choice :confused:

will keep you posted though :smiley:


I actually find this role interesting but I like strange thing, when is your first round interview and how long did you have to wait before you got a call/email consigning the interview.

Ps: just passed my phone interview today


Hey guys! I actually passed my phone interview for ERS- Resilience on the 20th June and still haven’t gotten a spot for the face to face interview! They emailed me right away after the phone interview saying i got through to the next stage but it’s been really slow since then!

Felics, how long did u have to wait to get ur face to face interview?

Thanks and good luck!


Deloitte are despicable in arranging interviews, I applied in January and didnt hear back from them in months.
Only just received an email on the 8th asking me to call them to arrange a first round interview. Not impressed with them at all…but beggars cant be choosers i guess


So its gonna be a long wait for me, but the lady Anna on the phone did say i would have to wait up till 7 weeks for an interview of any.


can anyone give me any news related topic that i can talk about in regards to the department im applying to? I.e. some commercial awareness. im really struggling.


you can look up industry that have failed to keep the privacy of their customers details and how Deloitte can render their services in providing a secure way of maintaining customers data, something like that, hope that helps.


hey felics when is your first round interview and good luck with it?


it was on the 15th, and it didnt go very well, will find out tommorow, i hadnt had much sleep and kinda buckled on the although in hindsight they were very easy.

I was asked about teamwork communicatetion, problem solving and presentation compentencys.
She also asked me why i had chosen Deloitte and this department etc. My mind went blank on one of the competencies.

You guys should be alright. I made the mistake of focusing half the day reading recent news topics and studying them in depth. And i wasnt even asked any commercial awareness! :frowning:

My fault to be honest. i wouldnt have passed me.

any more Qs, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


So what service is this role actually in?


has anyone else had their first interview?


Hello Re9,

I still haven’t heard from the HR department regarding a face to face interview!!! I’ve contacted the person twice in the past couple of weeks but haven’t received an answer. Apparently, the 2011 vacancies are filled. I am hoping they still have space left as they haven’t said anything yet. Can’t believe how long it’s taking them, my telephone interview was on the 20th June!

When was urs? HAs anyone been in touch with you?


mine was on the 11th of july and no one has been in touch yet, but they still have vacancies for 2011 intake on their website maybe not for the department you applied for but they should have given us a notification or something regarding it or advise us to transfer, the lady on my phone interview told me it could take up to 7 weeks so I’m not sure what to do.
ps: who told you the 2011 places are all filled?


and what did they say to you when you called them and who did you call?