Deloitte Graduate Tax


Hi All,

Since this site was of great help to me when I was applying for jobs I thought I would return the favour and offer advice. I have just been awarded a contract to work for Deloitte in their International Assignment Services sector and am willing to answer any questions you might have on the various hoops you have to jump through to get employed by Deloite.

After 3 years since leaving University, I am absolutely delighted to have got the Graduate Job. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.


Well done on your offer!I have my first interview for Tax at Deloitte on tuesday and have been looking for hints and tips on what I should be looking for to be commercially aware? I’ve been really struggling with it. Also, as examples for decision making competency, what sort of example did you use? I’m finding it hard to think of good examples as we make decisions all the time.

Generally, how long did your competency interview last? and what are the common questions they will ask?
Any help and details of your experience are much appreciated. This is the first interview I’ve done and I really want to work for Deloitte.


Hey Zoe,

Based on my experience with some similar audit companies (BDO, GT and KPMG) you will be asked questions about some specific competencies (leadership, team-working, communication skills etc.). Not very different from the questions in the application forms. So, make sure you have prepared one example for each skill (at least 6-7 examples). That was the easiest part for me. Hardest part was to name some major current big stories in the whole financial world going on now, what is your overall view of them, how could they be solved, blah blah blah.
Also, make sure you know everything about the company (simple questions like why do you want to work for the company, why do you think you’re a good fit for the company, competitors etc.). So, standard things like that if I remember well. Mine lasted around one hour or more. Send me a message if you require more information.