Deloitte Graduate Tax 2016


Has anyone applied for Deloitte’s Tax Graduate programme yet? I’m struggling how to answer the online application questions for career motivation! Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi! I know it’s been a while since you posted your question, but I have the same difficulty too! I have been doing tons of research online but I haven’t found much information about the day to day role in tax. Also, I am a bit confused whether we need to specify which area of tax we are applying to? Since the grad scheme does not require us to choose a service line at the application stage, so how should I approach the questions then?


Hi, I’ve applied to the Deloitte 2015 Grad Tax Scheme. You don’t need to specify which line of tax you want to go into. That question comes later, after the online tests (if I remember correctly). I’ve passed the tests and have my first interview in 2 days. If anyone’s got any tips - would be much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Congrats on passing the first stage! I am still trying to answer the questions in career motivation. I am thinking of indirect tax consulting if I get to choose later on, do you think I should show my understanding of the day to day role based on indirect tax consulting or in general? How did the tests go by the way? I heard that Deloitte has a different system, any tips for practice? Many thankssss! Good luck with your interview!


Hey guys, has anyone had their final interview yet, I received a call saying mines now been delayed because the partner hasn’t been trained according to the new recruitment process. If so what questions were you asked and was there a lot of focus on the presentation? I’ve applied for tax, if anyone needs help in regards to the first interview feel free to message me :slight_smile:


Hi Jessie.p123

Well done on reaching the final stage.

I am at the first interview stage for the grad program.

Would you mind sharing your experiences from the first interview? In particular, do you have any tips/tricks for the case study?

Thanks in advance.


Hi all,

Hope you all had a good Christmas and wish everyone many happy returns in 2015, particularly with regards to graduate trainee applications.

I’ve received an offer from Deloitte for Indirect Tax (which I’ve accepted) for Summer/Autumn 2015 intake. If anyone has any questions regarding any stages of Deloitte’s application process, please feel free to drop me a message. I’ve hugely benefitted from Wikijobs over the years, so I think it’s now my turn to give some contribution back to this community.

P.S. I’m new to this forum so please bear with me if it takes me a bit longer than you’d like to reply to your messages.

Kind regards and all the best for the year ahead!



Hi guys! I passed my online tests on Dec 10th and still have not received any information about an interview. Has this happened to anyone?



Hi Halie0,

Sorry to be a bearer of sad news but I’m afraid you have to be a bit patient with Deloitte as they seem to be a bit slower than usual for 2015 intake. I applied in early August, cleared all online tests by mid/late August yet they only gave me a 1st interview in late November.



Thanks Lucky!

How did that go?


I thought the interview itself was fine but case study was difficult for me, so I was pleasantly surprised when they rang me 2 days later saying I passed.


Congrats !!! :smiley:

What was the case study on?

And what type of questions did they ask?


hi I am going to have an interview about my summer internship for 2015 intake. I applied for indirect tax, would you please help :slight_smile: is my email, would you please send me anything to discuss?


Hi, I have a final round interview on Monday and was wondering how many follow up questions were to the presentation and how difficult they were?

Also, what did the rest of the interview comprise off. Was it similar to the initial round or was it more technical.

Thanks in advance for the help and congratulations on your offer.




what were the online tests? where did you practice them from?


Hi Naf,

Well done on reaching the final interview stage.

For me, I was extremely fortunate in the sense that because the topic I picked happened very recently (more so at the time of the interview), the partner said she was still reading up on the legislation changes herself so had no questions to ask me. Instead, I directed questions for her to ask me, questions for which I prepared the answers. So I’m afraid I’m not the best person to ask in terms of the difficulty of presentation follow-up questions.

For the rest of the interview, questions I can remember off the top of my head are:

Why Deloitte over PwC (she asked if I applied to any other Big 4)
Why Indirect Tax
What I think I’ll mainly be doing in Indirect Tax
If 6 managers gave me emails giving me urgent assignments to do, what would I do
What would a good day look like
And a bad day
Plus some questions about my CV. No commercial awareness or even values-based questions at all for me.

I felt that even the competency questions mentioned above were not asked from a scripted list, more from a general conversational chit-chat about me, my life experience and my work experience, from which questions like good day/bad day came. She also asked me about whether I applied to Deloitte before, and when I said I failed the e-tray more than once, she came up with that 6 managers question to see if I could prioritise urgent work over non-urgent work.

Hope that helps.



Hi iqra.amin321,

Deloitte uses both numerical reasoning test and critical reasoning test from TalentLens.

Link from Deloitte website:

Link from TalentLens website:

All the best,



Hi Lucky19

Congrats on offer.
Just now got invitation to attend interviews.
Can you shed some light on your first interview experience .
Is it a competency or strength based interview ?
How long does it take, How many interviewers in board , apart from interview what else is there .
Any guidance on how to prepare deeply appreciated.
I have never attended any big 4 interview, it is first time i am passing the online test phase., so really nervous.
Sorry for asking lot of questions :frowning:

Does first and final interview happen on same day ?


Hello everyone,

I’ve been offered a place on the Indirect Tax grad scheme in the Reading office.

Any questions ask away!



Do you have any ideas on what differentiates Deloitte from other Big 4 firms?

Also, how would you advise preparing for the case study.