Deloitte Graduate Scheme 2017- Audit


Hi Guys,

I recently applied to the Cambridge office, passed the online tests and am waiting on an interview.

Not seen a forum topic on the Deloitte 2017 graduate scheme and thought it would be worthwhile creating a thread for prospective employees and those with an offer to discuss the whole process.

If anyone has any questions relating to the online tests/application, feel free to PM me and i’d be happy to answer.



How long did it take you to receive your online tests invitation after the online application?



Mine took a over a week but only because they originally rejected me by accident. From what I’ve heard it is normally about 3 days


Thank you so much for your reply!
They sent me an email asking about some additional information and I replied immediately. But they have not contacted me after that. It has been 6 days. Should I contact them again?


Yeah I would contact them to prompt a reply


Hey, How did the cosmic cadet thing work?


I got an email saying that i passed the online testing screening and now my application is on hold for till they create another sift. (for monitor deloitte) Anyone else get this?


I am trying to complete it right now. Some stages are quite difficult.


when did gradaute scheme application start for audit. thanks guys and garls


Not sure about the exact time. I submitted on the 15th, and received an invitation to play Cosmic Cadet today.


Passed Cosmic Cadet even though I thought I had done badly. Been invited to sit the online ‘blended’ tests. Let’s see how that goes :slight_smile:


Hello Guys and Gals! Does anyone know what to expect on the Deloitte Online Blended Assesment? Thanks, and Cheerio!


I got the same response. What position did you apply for and what office?


Anyone waiting for an AC/group exercise date?


Hi Guys,

I am done with the Service Line Questionare. What happens next :slight_smile:


Monitor Deloitte london


Not too many posts on Deloittes thread.
Does anyone know what to expect in the first interview?


I have the same question. However, what do you exactly mean by the first interview?

I got an email saying that I had been selected for a fast track asessment day. No interview whatsoever as of yet…

Are you in the same boat here?


As a general rule, though I would recommend looking into questions from Glassdoor. Best of luck!


Guys, and Gals : I recently received an email stating that I have been selected for a fast track assessment day. Does anyone know what this, and would be willing to guide me? Thanks