Deloitte Graduate Scheme 2016 - Audit


Hi Guys,

I recently applied to the St Albans office, passed the online tests and am waiting on an interview.

Not seen a forum topic on the Deloitte 2016 graduate scheme and thought it would be worthwhile creating a thread for prospective employees and those with an offer to discuss the whole process and get to know each other.

If anyone has any questions relating to the online tests/application, feel free to PM me and i’d be happy to answer.


Hi I’m just applying to the audit graduate role aswell and I’m just wondering what advice do you have for the initial application with regards to the open questions? And regarding the online tests what would you advise to look over? Thanks!


Maybe look at a forum from last year’?


Is St Albans considered a regional office?
Also what’s the best way to prepare for their online critical test?


Hi guys,
Does anyone know how far back employment checks go for the Watchdog check? Do they contact all employers for references (including what your tasks and responsibilities were) or just to verify that your worked there and then contact a couple of referees that you select? Any insight from someone who is going through the screening process would be much appreciated!
Also, I haven’t included temp jobs and bar jobs (of which I’ve had a few) on my CV - should I put these on the employment check?
Thank you :slight_smile:



Does anyone know whether Deloitte will sponsor international applicants who requires visa?


Yes. They do sponsor international candidates. But they have 2 conditions and you need to satisfy both of them: 1. You have Tier 4 visa which does not expire until your intake. 2. You have a UK degree on hand before your intake.


Then it means that only final year international students can apply to Deloitte and this is sad really


Hi Alex!

I have an interview for audit with Deloitte next week. Could you please give me some advice on the questions you were asked and the case study?
Any help is greatly appreciated bro


I’m still waiting mate. Hope to hear back from them soon.


PM me :slight_smile:


Hey Alex,

Just wondering how you found the online tests? Congratulations on passing - Did you get any feedback on how you scored in either the numerical or critical?


Hi Guys,
Does anyone know where I can practice Deloitte Critical Thinking Test. Can’t seem to find it on assesmentday.


Has any one got the partner interview? I have been waiting for about 20 days for it since the first round interview.


Still waiting on my first round interview - how long did you have to wait & which office you applied for?


Well done on reaching interview stage! As you have had the initial interview, is there any information you could give regarding its format? How many competency examples were you asked, how was commercial awareness tested and what other general questions were you asked? Also, any information regarding the case study? I will appreciate any guidance, thanks!


I applied for London office. I waited about 20 days for the first round interview.


Competency questions are common and I provided about four examples. Commercial awareness was tested through the case study, which was about a clothing retailer. I was asked to identify problems and give solutions.


Have you had it yet?


What is the pass rate for their psychometric tests?