Deloitte Graduate Program


Hey, I believe it’s only right that I give back something to the wikijobs forums since they did help me a lot throughout my recruitment process. I am now finished, having made it through occupational tests, Assessment Centre and the Final Partner Interview. I’ll briefly give some advice on each stage that can help prevent capable people from screwing up an opportunity to work at Big Four.

Occupational Tests- Not much here, I did 2-3 practice tests for each Numerical, Verbal, and Reasoning about 2-3 days before the real test. Was more than enough to perform well. This is a test of pressure as well as math and reasoning. So keep calm and don’t spend too much time on one question. Guessing doesn’t hurt, and your goal is to get as many right as possible… Questions don’t increase in difficulty, so there may be questions at the end that are easy for you.

Assessment Center.- Read the forums on wikijobs… they are very helpful. Every AC is different, and knowing the type of things to expect will help you relax and not dread the day. In case you weren’t going to… wear a suit. You are being observed and judged the whole day, but not its not that big of a deal. Just be yourself, but be in the mindset that you’re at a workplace. For my AC, there were group activities that see how well you work in a team. Main thing is BE INVOLVED in every activity. Drink coffee, do whatever you have to do, but make sure you force yourself to be engaged all throughout the day… to the very end. This is something that will help make you stand out.

An example of a group activity: There has been an outbreak of a disease in city XYZ. You and your group are on the town committee. Discuss and come up with a solution. (was given about 10 minutes for each of 5 the different situations). The group activities are simple, you just need to be personable… not sure I can tell you how to do that. Just make sure your group doesn’t end up wasting time arguing and you yourself are affable and keep the group focused on completing the task at hand in the allotted time. Make your own suggestions and also ask people what they think. You can disagree with people, but do so diplomatically. They just want to see that you can work well as part of a team.

The business case study activities: Before Assessment Centre, you can review how to thoroughly analyze a business (financials and non financials). Things such as people, process, technology, competitors, barriers to entry, financial statement analysis and so on. This will get you thinking of the type of stuff you want to talk about and use during activities. It’s hard to be engaged in the activity if you are drawing blanks on simple definitions/calculations.

Individual Business Case Study: Emphasis should be on forming an organized, structured argument. Content is probably not as important as how well you organize your thoughts. Make sure you save some time at the end to proofread if you are a written task.

Final Interview: I believe it really depends on the partner. Will feel better about giving advice after I find out whether or not I got an offer…

Good Luck!