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Hey, I am an international student. I applied to Deloitte and they say my application is on hold till all UK EU labour force has finished Assesment. That cant be right as I am actually studying in the UK.
Any comments!!!??


u applied or got the job?


just applied and got the tests…but they say even if you clear the test…your application would be on hold!! Surely, thats ridiculous!!


yea the same happened to me aswell. i wonder why are they doing this?


From my knowledge, no other big 4 does this. KPMG doesnt do this for a fact. Not good not good


have u passed the tests ??


No but the email says even if you do…basically your app will be on hold!!!


that sucks big time innit bruvs.
doomsday is here. the world will end in 9 days anyways.


if I recall correctly, their web site mentions this exactly (work permits section). they must make sure that all hiring possibilities in the UK/EU are exhausted before they look into hiring overseas nationals. However, if are you finishing uni here, you do need work permit to work for local company for two years. In order to qualify for this condition you need to aaply for Post study work visa which is graned fairly automatically provided you meet the conditions. I suspect you indicated that you need work permit in the application, which you should not have done because you can switch to post study work immediately once you graduate. so based on this assumption Deloitte must follow Home Office regulations with regards to employing overseas nationals and they are right in this case.


Earlier, I read an article about the work permits and a big 4 HR staff quote that they require at least 3 year work permit for their grad programmes. Any overseas student should indicate that they require work permit at the application stage regardless of the fact that they have Post study work permit or will apply for one or they are on student visa. I think, Big4, once accept candidates to their programme get them Tier 2 Employer sponsorship 3 year visa.


@ londonbloke. Does that also apply to International Students studying in UK universities?


i guess it was addressed to all international students who want to apply BIG4 grad programmes


“…Despite the jobless rise, nearly one firm in 12 aims to take on immigrants because they cannot find suitably qualified Britons, according to the report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and accountants KPMG…”

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i guess, then there is no point in applying early!