Deloitte Graduate: Corporate Tax (Regional Office)



Hi all,

Yet another one of these posts! I just received my offer for Deloitte’s 2016 intake for corporate tax at one of their regional offices. Wikijobs was really helpful to me through the whole process and, as some other users have done, I’d like to repay that!

Some atypical features of myself and my application:

I’m 31 soon, so a bit older than most other grads I imagine
My background is in science (chemistry) and I have no business/finance experience
As mentioned, I’m applying to an office that isn’t in London (elsewhere in England)

So, if anyone has any questions about my experience with the application process please fire away!



Hey M

Congratulations on your offer.

May I ask which office you applied to and how long it took Deloitte to make you the offer?


Hi DKnox,

Thank you!

My assessment centre was on a Monday, I was informed I had passed on the Friday of that week. My partner interview was booked for a Wednesday two weeks later and one of the two partners who interviewed me phoned on Friday (2 working days later) to tell me they were offering me a position.

I’d rather not disclose a specific location, but it’s an office in a different city in England.

I assume you’re awaiting a response from Deloitte? I hope you hear back soon!



hi there
I am on tier 4 visa and i am doing masters in eng management and according to my course i can do one year of work placement… can i apply in big4 for a job as a part of work placement…


Hi Vinay,

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your question. I think your best bet may be to email Deloitte directly, explain your situation and ask them: they’ll know the ins and outs of visa issues and can give you a definite answer.

Good luck with it!


Hey M, Congratz! Could you share any experience regarding the partner interview? I got mine coming soon. I applied Audit in London. I heard that the interview includes a presentation and an interview (career motivation & competency). Could you share what topic and what questions you had? Thank!



Congrats on getting to the partner interview! I met with one of their current graduates (actually a school-leaver on the Bright Start scheme) and he reckoned that once you get to Partner Interview stage, you’re pretty much in. However, when one of the partners who interviewed me phoned to offer me the position, he mentioned that they had carried out several interviews and were making offers to a few of the applicants. I don’t know what proportion of applicants pass/fail at this stage, so definitely don’t rest on your laurels yet!

The topic I had was “How Should Tax Be Used to Benefit Society?” This had the feel of a standard question they ask tax applicants from a non-finance background. Your question may be different depending on your background I imagine, or they could just have a set of questions they ask. This is all conjecture on my part though! I do think Audit applicants might have different questions, have a look on the forums here and on google to check.

As for the questions I had, there weren’t any standard competency questions as such, most of them were about my presentation and commercial awareness and my background, and also things like how I thought I would adjust to working in a new area and so on. Just have a look at your application, think of what things they may ask for more information on, and do a bit of reading around business and finance news.

Good luck!


Hey M,
Thank you for providing such nice information, they are really really useful!
I get a similar background as you (Biological science graduate) and have also applied for the tax role. I have passed the online test at this stage and was informed that an interview will be scheduled soon.
Do you get any advice on this? I heard that we need to have a group exercise which really worries me, a bit slow-social person…

Good luck with your career!