Deloitte Graduate Consulting Partner Interview / Presentation


Hi there

I am due to go to the final partner interview / presentation this friday for consulting at deloitte (technology).

Part of the interview is a 5/10 min ‘presentation’ on a topic. I wont be using powerpoint or a flipchart, it is more of a talk rather than a typical presentation i guess.

I am allowed to prepare a handout to help me with my topic.

Has anyone done this for consulting and how did it go?

Any tips?

I have to present on the how the middle east uprising affects Deloitte.



Hi basictonal,

How did your interview go?

I also have a final partner interview for a consulting (financial role) coming up this Friday and I also have to present on the Middle East uprisings.

I was just wondering if you have any tips or advice for the interview? in particular the presentation, what kind of questions they asked? Would you recommend preparing a handout?

Any help would be much appreciated and hope it went well for you



too late now but how did it go? i got an offer from my process so happy with it at last :slight_smile:



I help people in doing good presentations, and I am currently working at Deloitte so I have passed through the presentation stage as well.

If you need any help in the future, please let me know or visit my website at I’ll be happy to give you a free 40mins presentation training session as an introductory.



"The content of speech (the actual words used by the speaker) accounts for only about 7% of meaning. The way it’s said (pitch and tone of the speaker’s voice for example) accounts for about 38% of meaning, and the body language of the speaker accounts for the remaining 55%. "


Hey! Just read that you all have given your partner interviews! and i have a partner interview tomorrow on the same topic on middle east! would be grateful for any pointers that you all could give on how to go about it or any suggestions the partner might have given or questions asked on the presentation! please reply asap will be waiting!
thank you!