Deloitte Graduate 2015- Corporate Finance Advisory


Hello everyone,
My name is Yannis and I completed my master degree (MSc in Finance) at Lancaster University this September. I want to apply for Deloitte Graduate Vacancy for 2015 at Corporate Finance Advisory. I have almost completed my application except from the part with the career motivation questions. My problem is that I find it difficult to find out how should I answer those questions. In other words what are the elements that I should include in my answers in order to go through the next stage.
Below I include the questions of the aplication. I would appreciate if someone could help me by giving me tips of where to search, because I am afraid that what I thought as an answer is too general.
Describe what in particular energises you about working for Deloitte and the service line you have applied to? Make sure your answer covers the following elements: What drives, interests and motivates you to perform well at work? How do you think this aligns to the role you have applied to?
(max 100 words in bullet point format)
Showing an understanding of the day to day role please tell us what you expect to be doing in your first year in your chosen service line.
(max 100 words in bullet point format)
Thank you in advance,


just use lots of examples and structure your response.

Can you send me a link for the advisory graduate scheme as i can’t find it on the deloitte website