Deloitte GES - Please Help!!


I received an e-mail today saying that Deloitte think I will be perfect for GES - ECO area. This isn’t what I applied for, so I’m freaking out a bit as I know very little about what is done in this area, apart from what’s on the website which is slightly confusing. I have my first interview at the end of June and I’d really appreciate any sort of insight or if someone could let me know where I could find the information. I’d be grateful for any replies!!


ECO is the Employer Consulting Opportunities division within GES tax dept. Deloitte now run a buddy scheme - whereby they will put you in touch with someone from any team you are interested in. I would recommend that you phone the graduate team and ask for your details to be passed on to a member of the ECO team within the office you are applying to. An associate or senior associate should then ring you back and can tell you in detail what the ECO team do and answer any questions you may have - good luck


Thanks so much, I will definitely look into this!!


Hi Ashoon, I was also assigned to the GES-ECO services line because the other line is full, Would you please share some insight on your interview and you understanding of this services line? Thanks very much.


Hi Yaoer, I’d be happy to help.

For the info on what they do in ECO I followed Denning’s advice and rung up my contact to get on the Buddy Scheme. I really recommend you do the same. Despite this, I still wasn’t 100% confident with the question in the interview.

Just remember, whenever they ask what you think you’ll be doing in the first year, always emphasise studying, observing other employees and finding ways to contribute (e.g. community investment scheme). I think they prefer this realistic approach, rather than if you were to say you would be taking on loads of work (which wouldn’t be true).

Getting onto ECO itself, I was asked a separate question of what I think the ECO department does. I’m pretty sure some of the things I said weren’t actually true (I mixed a bit of IAS in there to bulk up my answer, but generally:

  • advising clients on the best ways to minimise tax liabilites
  • dealing with specialist employee/employer taxes
  • may be involved with some consultancy e.g. benchmarking packaging for execs
  • compliance (will be doing some of this in 1st year)
  • looking at international contracts and devising ways to incorporate the tax laws of different countries
  • looking at tax consequences of mergers & acquisitions (e.g. redundancy packages)

As I mentioned, some of this is probably wrong/done more in other tax groups, but this was enough to get me to the AC. The full write up of my 1st interview is here:

Hope I helped and good luck!


Just wondering which offices you both are going for?


Thanks very much for your reply! I think we are all assigned to this services line because the others are full. Where did you get all these information from, do you have any website you researched? I’m having my interview on 3 Aug after waiting for a month, and I originally applied for auditing but it was full.

When is your AC, it would be great if you could share some information on that as well. Thanks again.


I’ll definitely write it up as this site has helped loads. Must say, I can’t find enough tax specific stuff though. Info was from my Buddy, careers service and Deloitte’s website. If you know anyone who works in tax or is an accountant, it might be useful to get them to go through the job description on the website. That helped me to understand a bit better.


Hi Ashoon, did you get the job?


I applied the Reading office


Hey yeh I got it!!! Found out on wednesday! Do you have any specific questions? The AC was not what I expected. I had the typical e-tray/written exercise and then THREE different interviews. I was not told this until near the end of the day!! I thought there’d be two and I’m not sure if it’s cos mine was in london, but maybe ring your contact and ask as it’s better to be prepared. What happened with me is that when I got back from lunch the receptionist said that I should expect 2 interviews and then the 2nd interviewer may or may not take me over for a tour of the GES floor, but that either way it was not an indication of anything. This ended up being an interview which I didn’t expect until I was sitting there.

Just some general advice for the interviews:

  1. E-tray interview: everyone here has focussed on the interviewer trying to change your mind and making sure you stay strong, however that wasn’t really the problem for me. I was asked two questions challenging my choice and then given new info about the takeover.
    Example questions: You don’t have room for the manager of the new company after the takeover, how would you deal with this? How would you incentivise the new staff who are loyal to the old manager? What services would Deloitte (specifically GES) be able to provide for the company?

  2. Competency interview: this was like the first interview but much less formal. He asked me 3 competency questions (teamwork, presentation, challenge) and said my first 2 answers were excellent and my last one was a bit off topic but ok. It was quite nice to get instant feedback. He asked what led to me to apply (I’m not from a financial background). He then asked me lots of commercial questions, some I was expecting, some a total surprise.
    E.g. challenges/risks to Deloitte, name times you’ve seen bad&good commercial practice in your previous work experience? A time you used your commercial awareness to improve a situation.

  3. Partner interview: like I said before, I was not told I was being interviewed by a partner until I was taken up to meet him after the competency interview. It worked out alright in the end as it was much more of a chat, but I was extremely nervous and caught off guard. He basically had my application form, picked out certain things and we talked about them. This was another 40mins, but I spoke for about 25 and he answered questions for 15. The interview wasn’t really structured, we started on one topic and then naturally moved to another. I think this interview is extremely personal, like everyone else has said but the main thing to remember is to show that you want the job. I brought up the CTA and everything I knew about it, why I wanted that qualification and also current projects that Deloitte GES are working on that I found interesting. You can also steer the conversation in the direction you want and bring up the most impressive/relevant things on your CV. When he asked for any questions, I asked about his career progression, which he was more than happy to talk at length about it, which was nice as you can just listen and nod. At the end of the interview he asked what I would say if he offered me the job and I gave a very passionate answer saying absolutely yes and summing up why. He then said I interviewed well and he would check the e-tray and get back to me, so I guess he liked me. He rang the next day.

This is much longer and more rambling than I planned but just a few more tips:

  • when you go to lunch with your buddy find out information about the things they’ve been working on, clients they’ve been working with and practice your questions on them. I didn’t have much on auditing and my buddy told about the arthur andersen collapse so I managed to bulk up one of my answers.
  • read up about the CTA. Say you know it’s very difficult (around 30% national pass rate, 50% deloitte) but you’re more than up for the challenge. You like working hard as demonstrated by…
  • I’m not sure about the Reading office, but London ECO is doing lots of work on disguised remuneration bill. I prepared this as my current business topic in the news and even though they didn’t ask me that question, I managed to bring it up in my competency and partner interviews which they liked. Have a read of this topic as it shows you’re interested.
  • Remember, if you’re through to the AC they like you. Each interviewer is spending time they could be with a client with you, so they want to hire you and won’t be trying to trip you up. This thought kept me from getting too stressed.

Okay, that’s all I can think of. Feel free to post any questions and I’ll get back to you asap. Good luck!



I have the first interview on next Wednesday, have you been asked “What are the challenges that Deloitte is facing? What makes Deloitte different, how can Deloitte be successful and be ahead of their competitors?” Would you please give me some insights on this?

How do you feel the Etray excise? I just failed my KPMG AC and I suspect is because I can’t manage to finish the emails and also the writing part. Do you think the Deloitte one is very very high pressured too?

It was very hard to get the Tax position I think since they hire limited people, I’m not confident on it. Thanks very much for your help.


Well done Ashoon on getting the position!!! Sounds like you had a long interview day. Quite a few partners if they are free, like to speak to candidates if a director undertakes the final round interview. But sounds like you handled it fine.

Yaoer - The first round interview genuinely is all about competencies, so questions around challenges Deloitte are facing shouldn’t really be asked. But the obvious answers to some of those questions which you can look into further:

challenges facing deloitee - further statutory regulation, OFT have just referred the big four to the competition commission in relation to audit independence, the competition bidding for work with lower quotes, recruiting the best young talent, retaining it’s current talent, adapting to market changes etc.

Ahead of competitiors - being the distinctive firm of choice for clients, being first to market, putting clients first! That is how Deloitte are different, and will be successful over competitiors!

The etray is realtively straight forward. Provided you take your time and read them carefully to make sure you make the right decisions, you should be fine. If you nail the interview, yet do badly on the etray, then you wont make it through to the final round interview. The etray is pressurised if you make it so. As long as you read the emails carefully and just work through them at a decent rate then you will pass. Reading have a high % of eco positions still open, so just be confident and you should be fine.

In terms of eco work - yes look at disguised remuneration. The majority of work is project based and ad hoc, however, regular work will include form 42 consultancy and prep.

Good luck!

Good luck.


Thanks Denning!! I’m so relieved, it was a very long day but totally worth it!!

Yaoer - I got asked about challenges Deloitte faced in my first interview because it came under testing commercial awareness. I wasn’t very prepared for this question and I think Denning’s answers are better than mine.
I answered:

  • the ever changing nature of tax laws, Deloitte has to keep up and ensure they know how this will affect their clients.
  • expanding all the services while ensuring you have a social conscience and being mindful of how things affect the environment
  • undertaking a huge project like 2012 Olympics and ensuring standards for are consistently high and don’t drop in other areas

I just about finished the e-tray, had no idea how I did. There were ones that I guessed just so I could move on and ones that I forgot to read attachments. I would say open ALL the documents before you read the e-mails. Skim read them and keep them open so you can get used to where things are. Make sure that you get the questions that you can actually find the answer to right because there are ones based on opinion that are much harder.

The written exercise was the easiest part for me. I just skimmed the info, chose 1 and launched in. The other girl that was with me planned out her answer on the paper, so I guess just do whatever works for you. There is no right answer, each one has the same amount of good and bad points. Half way through my e-mail I regretted my choice but just kept going because it’s how you argue that they’re interested in. Also remember with written exercise you can’t copy, paste or move words around. I found this quite frustrating as I usually write whatever comes into my head and then edit, but you can’t do that here.

Keep calm and prepare loads. For my first interview there was a really good thread that had potential questions. I had 3 examples for each competency. You will get asked commercial questions but they can be predicted. The AC is harder and to prepare for that I went through ALL deloitte related posts (even if they weren’t related to tax), wrote down the questions and answered them. Even though hardly any of those questions came up in my interviews, it put me in the right frame of mind and made me feel more confident.

Good luck!


Hi Ashoon,

I passed my first interview and am going to have my Etray on 10th and partner interview on11th. Why you have 2 interviews? Is that the same as the other people who applied for GES-ECO?

I would also like to know how many emails you are expected to reply to in the etray? Is it very high pressured?

When is the starting date for your offer?

Thanks very much again.


Hi yaoer, whether you have 1 or 2 interviews really does depend on who gives you the main partner interview and who else is in the office. I had around 25 emails


Hi Ashoon,

I passed my first interview and am going to have my Etray on 10th and partner interview on11th. Why you have 2 interviews? Is that the same as the other people who applied for GES-ECO?

I would also like to know how many emails you are expected to reply to in the etray? Is it very high pressured?

When doing the partner interview, will you be asked questions similar to the first round interview and will you be able to use the same examples or the partner would require different answers?

When is the starting date for your offer?

Thanks very much again.


Hi Denning, Thanks for your reply, when is your start work date? When doing the partner interview, will you be asked similar competency questions as the first round interview, and would the partner requires different examples?


Hi Yaoer, congrats for passing the first interview. I think you have 2 interviews because of partner availability (I’m guessing). I used the same answers as my first interview and I start 19th September. Good luck!


I got the offer!! Thanks for your help.