Deloitte First Round Interview


Hi guys,

I have a really important question for those who applied or is applying for Deloitte Graduate Positions in London. I was invited to attend First Round Interview face to face but I won’t be able to do so, due to the mid terms and being outside of UK student requiring UK Visiting Visa. Taking into consideraton all the reasons of not being able to attend the interview, can I ask them to make this interview via Phone or Skype? Anybody had this kind of situation and what Deloitte Recruitment Team replied?

It is very important and I need to get an answer as soon as possible! Any response will be benificial.

Thanks for the wikijob active members and especially for those who are contributing to Deloitte topics!

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!


Maybe you could contact Deloitte and ask them about this situation. When is your interview? Mine is also very soon and I applied to London office as well. lets keep in touch. Best of luck


Thanks for answering ad2010. Actually, I haven’t received any specific date of interivew but I won’t be able to make it to face to face interview, only First Round Interview through skype or phone.


What about an Assessment day or Partner interview. Could you make them?


Sure I will be able to go for them physically but only after the new year. Due to the short validity of my passport, I am not eligible now to apply for UK Visiting Visa thus I can only make the interview by phone or skype. Or else I can reschedule my First Round Interview in in early February 2011. But the former option is more secure I guess. Don’t u think so BrachioZ?


I don’t think you could wait. I’ve heard the accountancy firms would rather fill their positions ASAP so I don’t think they’d want to wait till february. Their assessment days or partner interviews could be this year. I would phone ASAP!!

I guess you could call them for a phone interview, but they might not have a “Deloitte’s Skype account!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I think that you will quite easily be able to have your interview over the phone.

This is directly copied from the Deloitte website:

Competency based interview
This will take place in the office that you have applied to. However, we appreciate the time constraints you may be under if you are studying or already in employment. So there’s the option of having your first round interview over the phone. Although, having said that, we do suggest that this is used as a last resort; if you are travelling abroad or are in the middle of exams, for example.

The last couple of sentences apply to you
hope this helps.


Thank you a lot supert28!


Actually, I found these lines on Deloitte’s website however I thought that to have first round interview over the phone has much less chances. Anyway, I hope for the best!


HI does anyone know what questions they ask in the interview?


don’t know what questions yet, but I have my interview on wednesday, so I will definitely post what I was asked asap,

for now, not sure if you have come across this, but

theres a few questions on there
and also on similar pages in wikijob

Check back on thursday, because I will try to put my experiences up by then.


thank you so much!!!
im pretty nervous because i havent had any luck with interviews so far so i really need to try and nail this one
I will be checking back on thurs :slight_smile:


I had mine couple weeks ago.
Had an email saying i passed.

I was asked two questions on each of five competencies.
The hr girl phoned up the following day to book my assessment centre.



what kind of questions were u asked?

did you also have a case study because i have read that some people got one.



what were your commercial awareness questions like, if you had any?
i have my interview tomorrow, so a quick response would be very helpful.



hey guys,

I only had my 1st interview last week, and found out yesterday I had got through to the AC (to my amazement).

It is a very structured interview. I am applying audit and it was a manager in audit who was interviewing me. He stated at the start it would be very structured and that he would ask me 5 competencies and ask me for two examples in SOME of them, although im sure he asked me 6 competencies as ill explain below.

competencies tested were communication, decision-making, organisation & planning, career motivation and commercial awareness. (but i also remembering him asking me two examples on individual goal-setting too !!!)

In communication he asked; Time I did a presentation and time I worked in a team. (one example each)

In decision-making; Time I had to make a decision that had great impact ( ask me two examples here)

organisation & planning; Time i had to organised and plan something effectively and efficiently (two examples here)

Career motivation; why Deloitte? why audit? if you had other offers and Deloitte’s, why pick us? what will you be doing in your first year?

commercial awareness; whats affecting Deloitte currently? how can Deloitte be successful and be ahead of their competitors?

BUT like I said, He did ask me two examples on goal-setting too, like when have you achieved a goal? (maybe he thought he’d test me on 6 competencies, as my interview the very last of the day.)

Lasted an 1 hr 20 mins, I didn’t think it went that went in all honestly because i used only 2/7 non-academic examples, which I know is poor and regretted it much after. Also my two examples for decision-making weren’t too good either, I didn’t feel they were highlighting the key points Deloitte expected in that competency, but I must have done good on the others, and most of all (the most important thing in any interview), I definitely built a rapour with the interviewer and had some jokes etc… talked about thinks off topic like how nice the office was and those crazy student protests going on in London. (this helps, the interviewer in his mind probably noted, I wouldn’t mind working with this guy.)

hope this helps someone, this site has helped me get this far, so i must give back!!!.


thanks so much, that was really helpful!!
im surprised that he didnt ask any general commercial awareness questions

thanks again and well done for passing :slight_smile: goodluck with your AC, when is it booked for??



Thank you for your thorough info about first round interview! Did you book it by calling them? Or they took an initiative when contacting you? Coz I have passed my pre-screen tel interview about 1.5 months ago and still waiting?

Thanks for replying in advance!



1.5 months seems incredibly long, They contacted me around 2/3 weeks after my telephone interview success proposing a date for the 1st interview, which itself was around 3 weeks later, but in your position-not having heard from them for 1.5 months, i would definitely ring or email and ask whats taking so long.


i would still prepare general commercial awareness Qs just in case though! and they are yet to contact me with a date, it has only been a couple of days, so im not worried and would like a break in-between anyway lol

good luck with your apps guys, feel free to message me regarding any of the stages I have, god knows how, got through.


I have been asked similar questions mancman was asked.
I was also asked Qs on intelligence, analysis and judgment competency as well.

I will have to wait till next February now as I am non- EEA national.
They were initially really quick to book my AC and then emailed to inform my appl will be on hold.

Good luck to you guys all.